All At Sea is the fifteenth episode in the sixth season of Vikings, and eighty-fourth episode overall. It aired on December 30, 2020.


In Greenland, Ubbe, Torvi, and Othere barely escape with their lives... in a leaking boat with no supplies. And in Kattegat, Gunnhild makes a bold move.


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Guest Starring

Additional Cast

  • Scott Graham as Frodi
  • Finn Gillespie as Young Viking
  • Noella Brennan as Gudrid
  • Oran Glynn O'Donovan as Igor
  • Isabelle Connolly as Anna
  • Lee Bennett as Eastern Rus Noble
  • Gabriel Constantin as Commanding Officer
  • Maria Guiver as Oleg's First Wife
  • Niall Ó'Sioradáin as Cheif Priest
  • Guy Carleton as Patriarch/Russian Priest

Episode Deaths


  • According to legend, Prince Oleg died in a different way than in the series. It was prophesied by the pagan priests that Oleg wold take death from his stallion. To defy the prophecies, Oleg sent the horse away. Many years later he asked where his horse was, and was told it had died. He asked to see the remains and was taken to the place where the bones lay. When he touched the horse's skull with his boot a snake slithered from the skull and bit him. Oleg died, thus fulfilling the prophecy.
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