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Amma is a shield-maiden in King Harald's army. She returns to Kattegat and becomes fond of Hvitserk, trying to help him with his addictions.


Season 5

Amma joined Bjorn Ironside and King Harald's raiding party to return to Kattegat and dethrone Ivar. During the trip across the Baltic, she was asked to watch over Magnus. During the massive storm ride, she overheard Magnus praying in fear to God, not Odin, and questioned him about it. Magnus denied to her that he was a Christian.

Season 6

Amma has been living in Kattegat as a friend of Gunnhild and Bjorn. She is shown to be fond of Hvitserk, and is seen taking care of him when he was drunk or drugged. Amma participates in the second and final battle against the Rus Invasion of Scandinavia. She is killed by Ganbaatar.


  • Amma means "grandmother" in Old Norse. In later Scandinavian languages it also has the meaning "wet nurse."



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