Amma is a shield-maiden who joined Bjorn 'Ironside' and King Harald's raiding party to return to Kattegat and dethrone Ivar. During the trip across the Baltic, she was asked to watch over Magnus. During the massive storm ride, she overheard Magnus praying in fear to God, not Odin, and questioned him about it. Magnus denied to her that he was a Christian.

In Season 6, she is shown to be fond of Hvitserk and is seen as the care taker of Hvitserk when he was drunk due to the loss of Thora .


Season five appearances
The Departed Part 1 The Departed Part 2 Homeland The Plan The Prisoner
The Message Full Moon The Joke A Simple Story Moments of Vision
The Revelation Murder Most Foul A New God The Lost Moment Hell
The Buddha The Most Terrible Thing Baldur What Happens in the Cave Ragnarok
Season six appearances
New Beginnings The Prophet Ghosts, Gods, and Running Dogs All The Prisoners The Key
Death and the Serpent The Ice Maiden Valhalla Can Wait Resurrection The Best Laid Plans
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  • Amma means "grandmother" in Old Norse. In later Scandinavian languages it also has the meaning "wet nurse".
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