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Angrboda Flokadottir is the daughter of Floki and Helga, named after the Giantess Angrboða in Norse Mythology and the first wife of the trickster God Loki.


Season 2

Helga joyfully announces the news of her pregnancy to Floki, who is excited until he realizes that his unborn child will have a "terrible father." Helga tells Floki that he is not terrible and the news is happy. Floki agrees and says that they should get married.

Helga gives birth to a daughter, named Angrboda by Floki. She is raised away from Kattegat in the mountainous woods. Helga dotes on the child, but notices that her father is behaving more and more distant. The "family life" doesn't suit him, and Floki tells Helga that it is too much happiness. Though frustrated, Helga tells him to leave if he must, but Floki doesn't want that either.

Season 3

Angrboda has yet to play a large part in the storyline, though she is currently about 3 years old. Helga, Aslaug, and Siggy run a sort of communal daycare for the former twos' children and they are often together.

Season 4

Angrboda dies of a fever while Floki is imprisoned in the cave. Helga is seen in the thick, winter snow trying to dig a grave for her, Ragnar sees her and helps her dig the grave for her daughter. Floki, despite not having acted as much of a father to her, is grief-stricken when he learns that his daughter is dead.


  • Angrboða in Old Norse means "she who brings sorrow."


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