"Answers in Blood" is the fifth episode of the second season of Vikings. It is the fourteenth episode of the series overall. It first aired on March 27, 2014. It was written by creator Michael Hirst and directed by Jeff Woolnough.


Lagertha and Ragnar unite once again and together fight to win Kattegat back from Jarl Borg. Aslaug must face the truth of her prophecies. Athelstan struggles to define his faith. Bjorn must once again make a choice.


Concerned that Borg is too heavily entrenched, Ragnar devises a plan to lure him away from the Kattegat. Ragnar and Bjorn sneak into Kattegat at night and set fire to the town's winter food stores, forcing Borg and his forces to give chase. Ragnar and his allies engage Borg's forces in a bloody battle, and in the end Borg and the remnant of his men are forced to flee. Ragnar and his men reenter Kattegat and Bjorn is chosen to offer a sacrifice to the gods in gratitude. Ragnar visits the Seer and confesses that he still loves Lagertha and wants both her and Aslaug as his wives. In Wessex, Athelstan is being kept at Ecbert's court, using him to gain insight into 'pagan beliefs'. Athelstan struggles with whether to reclaim his Christian beliefs. Lagertha gives Bjorn permission to remain in Kattegat with Ragnar, but chooses to return to her husband. A messenger arrives and informs Ragnar that after he left, Ecbert's forces slaughtered Horik's men, with Horik and his son barely making it out.



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