Farm 1

Earl Haraldson and his men preparing for the attack.

Farm 2

One of Ragnar's neighbours is killed by an arrow.

In episode 5, season 1 (Raid), Earl Haraldson led an attack against Ragnar Lothbrok and his family. After the trial against Ragnar for the murdering of Knut failed, Earl Haraldson was forced to free him and unable to punish him for the death of his half-brother. This made the earl very angry and infuriated, which led him to attack Ragnar's farm and family.
Farm 3

The invading raiders, under Earl Haraldson's command, before beginning the attack.

The Raid

Farm 4

Bjorn and other farmers fleeing from the invaders.

While Ragnar was hunting out in the woods, Earl Haraldson and his hird launched an attack on his farm. Several warriors, some of them mounted on horses, charged against the farmers. Bjorn and the others fled for their lives, and while Ragnar's son managed to flee to his house, the other farmers weren't so lucky. Inside their house, Lagertha called Athelstan and Gyda and urged them to defend themselves. Bjorn argued that they should run away because they were too many, but Lagertha told him to stay strong and wait for Ragnar's arrival.
Farm 6

Ragnar was hunting in the woods during the attack on his farm, absent from what was happening.

Farm 5

Earl Haraldson's cavalry charging the hopeless farmers.

In the woods, Ragnar heard his farmers screaming. He started to run to save his family, but was stopped by the raiders and Svein,who shot him with an arrow. Despite being wounded, Ragnar managed to enter inside his house an tell his family to escape through an hidden passage. Ragnar then left the house, and was confronted by Earl Haraldson, who accused him of being a criminal. Ragnar started praying to Odin, and then threw his axe to the nearest warrior and escaped atop a horse.
Farm 8

The poor farmers are not spared during the raid.

Farm 9

An hopeless farmer trying to flee from the attackers.

Meanwhile, Lagertha, Bjorn, Gyda and Athelstan managed to escape the farm and fled in a small boat. Ragnar was being chased by mounted warriors, and dismounted in order to trick them into following the unmounted horse. He then fled to a stream, but was found again and chased by the raiders, this time on foot. Ragnar, badly injured, stopped on a cliff, and below the cliff, on the water, was his family on the boat. With two warriors behind him and ready to capture him, Ragnar had no option but to jump into the water. Athelstan then dived off the boat and rescued him.
Farm 10

Ragnar fighting his way through the enemy raiders.

Farm 7

The invading raiders destroying Ragnar's farm.

With their house and farm burned to the ground, and all their cattle and farmers dead, Ragnar and his family sought help from Floki and Helga, who welcomed them in their house.
Farm 11

Ragnar is shot while trying to protect his family.

Farm 12

Lagertha, Gyda, Athelstan and Bjorn fleeing from the farm.

Farm 15

Ragnar's family watch their home burning to the ground.

Farm 13

Ragnar's family escaping on a boat.

Farm 14

Ragnar, kneeling before Earl Haraldson, prays to Odin and begs for His help.

Farm 16

Farmers, animals and the family's house...nothing was spared.

Farm 18

Ragnar throws himself to the river, with his family waiting for him to pick him up.

Farm 17

Ragnar escaping from the raiders on a horse.

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