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Baldr (meaning "hero, prince;" pronounced BALD-er), also known as Balder and Baldur, is the god of light, beauty, and summer in Norse mythology. Baldur Ivarsson, the child of Ivar, is named after him. Many see Bjorn as embodying the personality and characteristics of Baldr. He mirror's Baldr's invulnerability and subsequent death.


Baldr is the son of Odin and Frigg. He is the brother of Thor and Hodr. He is married to the goddess Nanna, and they have a son named Forseti. Baldr lives in Breidablik (Norse: Breiðablik), a hall in Asgard, known as the court of stars and connected with the Milky Way.


  • Symbols: silver chalice, Hringhorni (his longship known as "the greatest of all ships")
  • Colors: the yellow-gold spectrum, shining white
  • Rune: Sowilo
  • Offerings: Valerian, Mayweed, Mistletoe
  • Time to Honor: Litha (Midsummer), to fight depression