Battle featured in season 3 episode 3. After the norse victory over King Brihtwulf, in the Mercian Civil War, only Prince Burgred was standing between Kwenthrith and the throne of Mercia. After Aethelwulf's scouts found where Burgred was, the viking mercenaries under King Ragnar prepared to climb the Hill of the Ash and go to battle. Torstein, who became injured after the previous battle and lost his left arm, volunteered to go first and scout the enemy. The Mercian troops, after seeing him, at first thought he was some kind of wizard, but they shot him some arrows and he kneeled down. Then they approached him, and Torstein stabbed a soldier with a knife, and was killed right after that, dying in battle and earning his place in Valhalla.

Right after Torstein's death, the battle began. The norse warriors charged at full force against the Mercian troops, killing most of them. Porunn, Bjorn's lover at the time, was severely wounded in the face, after a Mercian warrior punched and sliced her. Bjorn managed to save her, but Porunn would never fight again. Ragnar was injured as well, although a minor injury, after a javelin scratched his belly.

After defeating the Mercian forces on the hill, Prince Burgred had another army on a glade under the hill. Burgred's troops were surroundered by Wessex archers, under Aethelwulf's command. The archers started shooting at the Mercian soldiers, and Ragnar told Aethelwulf to spare Burgred. After most of Burgred's men were killed, the prince surrendered, ending the battle. He later joined his sister Kwenthrith, and told Ragnar he was advised by bad councilors and didn't wish to fight him that day, asking for forgiveness. With all Kwenthrith's opposers defeated, the Mercian Civil War ended.
Vikings battle 1

Viking forces engaging Mercian warriors.

Battle 3

Wessex's archers firing on Mercian soldiers.

Vikings battle 2

Prince Burgred's soldiers being shot by Aethelwulf's archers.

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