The Black Danes were a Danish confederation lead by three Viking kings of Denmark who amassed their armies in Reading. They consisted of three kings: Hemming, Angantyr, and Frodo. They are known adversaries of the Anglo-Saxons. They first appeared in Season 5, in the episode Baldur.

Ubbe kills Frodo in single combat in What Happens in the Cave, leaving Hemming and Angantyr as the two surviving Viking kings of Denmark.


  • The term "black danes" is derived from the irish term "Dubgaill" (dark/black foreigners) which the Irish people used to refer to certain groups of Vikings. Various theroies exists about the meaning of the phrase from the hair color, the color of the sheilds or the color of their sails. Today, the most popular theory is that the term means "the new foreigners". Later Norman settlers were also refered to as "Dubgaill".
  • All mention of the term "black dane" was deleted from the final episodes and was only used by the cast members in supplimentary interviews.
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