In secrecy, King Horik had sent some of his warriors to Kattegat in an attempt to kill Ragnar. During the night, Horik and Erlendur along with their men killed many warriors of Kattegat. When they made their way to the Earl's hall, it turns out that Horik was betrayed by Floki and Siggy, who stood by Ragnar all along. King Horik's warriors are taken out by Lagertha and her men. Knowing his fate his sealed, Horik pleaded to Ragnar to spare Erlendur, who was held with a knife at his throat. Horik was first struck with a sword by Lagertha, axed in the back by Bjorn, and then stabbed by Torstein. Ragnar stabbed him with a knife , then headbutting him and further beating him to death with a stool. All of King Horik's family, except for Erlendur, where killed as well by order of Ragnar. Björn saved some of king Horik's servants as they where mourning the death of Horik's youngest.

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Björn witnessing the aftermath of the bloodbath

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