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Bul "The Dog" Eyvindsson was the son of Eyvind, who just like his father, shared his impatience and distrust toward Floki.


Season 5

When the settlers agreed to construct a totem of Thor, he refused to participate, instead he berated those who continued to build on Floki's vision. Thorgrim proclaimed him "Bul the Dog," which Bul did not take kindly to. When the totem of Thor was burned down at the settlement, Thorgrim accused him of the arson and sacrilege. But Bul pulled out a knife and charged at Thorgrim, only to be stabbed with his own dagger in an act of self defense. His family holds a funeral for him. Even when Kjetill's family offers their condolences for their loss, they spit at their offer of truce, thus the feud continues.


Like his siblings, Bul tended to be disrespectful, had a loss of temper and was a horrifyingly bloodthirsty person, as seen when he attempts to murder. Bul has a sever lack if temper, a trait wich would eventually lead to his demise.


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