Burgred was the Prince of Mercia. He was a minor character that appeared in Season 3. He was the brother of Kwenthrith of Mercia.


Season 3

When Ragnar agrees with King Ecbert to help Princess Kwenthrith take the crown of Mercia, they sail up the river into Mercia. Eventually they are confronted by two forces, one smaller army under command of Brihtwulf who proclaimed himself King of Mercia and a larger force under command of Burgred. Ragnar decides to concentrate the attack on Brihtwulf as he has a smaller force. Burgred can only withness the slaughter of his uncle and his forces as the river prevents him from aiding him.

When the combined Northmen and Wessex army sails across the river to take care of Burgred, Kwenthrith begs his brother to surrender as he would not be harmed if he does. Seeing most of his forces have already fled, Burgred decides to retreat to the Hill of the Ash. Eventually, he is trapped between the Northmen army of Ragnar and Wessex forces under command of Prince Aethelwulf. Ragnar commands Burgred to be spared, which Aethelwulf grudgingly does. Later, Burgred asks Ragnar forgiveness for attacking him, only to be answered by a headbutt before Ragnar sarcastically forgives him.

Returning to Wessex to celebrate the end of the civil war in Mercia, Burgred fears King Ecbert will kill him but Kwenthrith assures him he won't. Later, Princess Kwenthrith wants to toast on the shared rull of Mercia between her and Burgred. Burgred quickly drinks his cup of wine, but Kwenthrith spills it on the ground. Burgred realizes he has been poisoned before blood pours out of his mouth. As he dies, Ragnar, King Ecbert, King Aelle, Aethelwulf, Judith, Rollo and Lagertha throw their cup of wine on the ground. Kwenthrith is proclaimed queen of Mercia.


  • Burgred appears to be based on a Mercian King Burgred (reigned 852-874 AD). Unlike the series depiction of he, Burgred was relative of King Beorhtwulf (Brihtwulf) (reigned 840-852 AD), not the brother of Princess Cwenthryth (Kwenthrith);
  • Burgred forced marriage the mother of Wigstan the Queen Aelfflaed (reigned 840 AD).


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