Death is death.


Canute is the dwarf steward of King Olaf the Stout.


Canute is King Olaf's right-hand man. He is a seasoned Viking warlord as well as the king's personal torturer. He is pointlessly cruel and enjoys watching his victims flail.

Season 5

When Hvitserk arrives at King Olaf the Stout's court as Ivar's emissary, Canute is the one who greets him. When Hvitserk asks him to take him to King Olaf, Canute has him strip naked. He does not tell him it's because the king is in the sauna. He has him do it in front of the entire court and then has him walked naked through the snow to take him to the sauna.

Canute tortures Hvitserk at Olaf's behest. He is seemingly sympathetic to Hvitserk's plight when torturing him and tries to give him advice.

Season 6

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