Enough ! These are my people.

Lagertha, Two Journeys

The Conquest of Kattegat was the invasion and subsequently conquest of Kattegat led by Lagertha in order to take back her home and the throne.


Kattegat battle 16

Lagertha commands her warriors to charge.

Many years ago, Lagertha used to live in Kattegat with her husband Ragnar, when Aslaug arrived pregnant of Ragnar. She then decided to leave Kattegat because she felt humiliated and insulted.

Kattegat battle 3

Lagertha's fleet attacking Kattegat from the sea.

Before launching her attack, Lagertha made sure Ubbe and Sigurd travelled to Hedeby, where they got imprisoned.


Kattegat battle 17

Lagertha's warriors landing in Kattegat from the ships.

Lagertha launched a surprise attack on Kattegat with her forces coming from both land and sea.

Kattegat battle 5

Lagertha and Aslaug armies clash against each other in a shield battle.

Lagertha began the battle with an advantage since she took the forces of Kattegat by surprise. Then, during the shield wall clash, Lagertha gave a signal to Torvi to command the archers hidden in rooftops and windows to fire, turning the battle to her side and eventually winning the battle.

Kattegat battle 6

Torvi orders the hidden archers to fire on Aslaug's warriors.


Aslaug, realizing the battle was lost, walked to Lagertha, offering her the place as queen as long as she was allowed to go away alive. Lagertha allowed Aslaug to go free, but then shot her in the back with a bow, killing her.

Kattegat battle 8

An archer, hidden on a rooftop window, firing against Aslaug's troops.

When Ubbe and Sigurd were freed they traveled back to Kattegat, now under Lagertha's control. There they were told that their mother was killed. Ubbe, in anger, tried to attack Lagertha, but was stopped by the guards before reaching her. The two brothers were imprisoned again.

Kattegat battle 9

Aslaug prepares to deliver the Sword of Kings to Lagertha.

Kattegat battle 10

Aslaug leaves the Great Hall and comes to meet Lagertha.

Kattegat battle 11

The people of Kattegat and the warriors of Hedeby cheer Lagertha for her victory.

Kattegat battle 12

Lagertha and Aslaug negotiating the terms of surrender after the battle.

Kattegat battle 13

Aslaug shot in the back.

Kattegat battle 15

Lagertha kills Aslaug from behind with a bow.

Kattegat battle 14

Aslaug's body lying on the ground with an arrow on her back.

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