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Crossings is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of Vikings. It is the fourty-fifth episode of the series overall. It first aired on January 4, 2017. It was written by creator Michael Hirst and directed by Ciarán Donnelly. It is the final episode for lead Travis Fimmel as King Ragnar.


Bjorn's fleet sails onward and launches a surprise attack; back in Kattegat, Lagertha continues in her quest for power.


Lagertha in Norway and Aethelwulf in Wessex consider the consequences of Ragnar's death, while his sons start to plan their revenge. Lagertha orders defences to be built around Kattegat. Meanwhile, Bjorn and Rollo reach Spain, and raid Algeciras, as Halfdan and Harald start plotting to replace the Lothbroks as rulers of Norway. Floki is intrigued by his first contact with Islam and forces the Vikings to spare men praying in a mosque. After Floki refuses to have another child with Helga, Helga captures a Moorish child as her adoptive daughter. The man in the black cloak brings news of Ragnar's death to Kattegat. The Seer tells Lagertha he foresees that she will be killed by one of Ragnar's sons, while Ivar prepares a new sword and dreams of his revenge.



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  • A younger Ragnar appears quickly as a ghost to Lagertha.
  • The cloaked figure is strongly implied to be Odin.
  • During the historical attack on Algeciras, the mosques were not spared.

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