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Danila Valeryevich Kozlovsky (born May 3, 1985) is a Russian actor and director known for his roles in shows like Zaveshchanie Lenina, Vsyo nachalos v Kharbine, and Dubrovsky. He portrays Prince Oleg in History's drama series Vikings.


Kozlovsky was born in Moscow. His mother is a stage actress and his father was a professor at Moscow State University. He is the middle child of three brother. From a young age, Kozlovsky was placed in dance music classes. He learned to play the saxophone and the alto. During his early years he frequently changed schools.

He made his big screen debut in 1998, playing the role of Denis one the Russian television series Simple Truths. In 1996 he was accepted into the Kronshtadt Naval Military School, which he attended until his graduation in 2002.

Danila Kozlovsky is not fluent in English and learnt much of his dialog phonetically. The effect is that Kozlovsky sounds quite American, often over-emphasizing his pronunciation, presumably because he does not have enough awareness of how his English sounds compared to other people. In other words, realistic broken English.