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Denmark (Old Norse Danmǫrk, Daneborder) is a region in southern Scandinavia. It is located in several large islands, the Jutish Peninsula, and the Skåne, the southern tip of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It's home to the Danish people.

In Vikings

King Horik is a well known and very powerful Danish king, who holds a mighty kingdom in Denmark. Horik had ambitions in Götaland, leading to a bloody feud with Jarl Borg. Hedeby is located in the southern tip of Denmark, a last outpost of the Norse to the Christian lands of Frankish Saxony and the eastern Wends.

When Ragnar killed King Horik, Kattegat ceded from Denmark and formed its own kingdom within Norway.

Another group from Denmark are the Black Danes.

Notable Locations:

Notable Inhabitants:

In History

Legend has it that the Danes broke out of Scandinavia in the Age of Migrations. They went southward to the islands between Scania and Jutland and drove out the native Heruli, another Germanic tribe. Later they spread across the Jutish peninsula, conquering and assimilating the Jutes and Angles, while they where looking for new land in England. They also spread their reach eastward, into Scania. The Danish realms encompasses Jutland, Angelen, Zealand, Láland (Lolland in modern Danish), Fyn, Falster, and Scania. In later times, Burgundr Holmr (Bornholm) was annexed into Denmark, but was its own kingdom in the Age of the Vikings.