Prince Dir of Novgorod is the brother of Prince Oleg and Prince Askold, and a Prince of Rus.


Season 6

Upon learning of Prince Askold's death at the hands of Prince Oleg, he goes to Novgorod to confront Oleg with his troops and demanded that Prince Igor be released into his custody. To prove that Oleg is not a prophet, as rumor claims, he spoke about a secret wedding with a woman and demanded that Oleg speak her name. Oleg tells him her name is Anna and reveals that he has her with him. Humiliated, he releases Oleg and Ivar, with Igor in their tow.

Oleg later admits to Ivar that he knew about Anna since she is his former mistress and he himself gave her permission to marry Dir. He later has Dir brought before him for trying to threaten him. Dir assures Oleg that he won't harm him, unlike what he did to Askold and states that he can trust him. When he refuses to swear to him in Odin's name, Oleg has him tortured.

He is later chained up and kept in a kennel, with one end of the chain piercing his cheek. Ivar decides to help him escape in order to overthrow Oleg. Ivar then convinces Igor to play a "magic trick" on the prince by freeing him, while a naked Anna distracts the guards and leads them away from their posts. They are successful and Prince Dir escapes. He heals from his wounds and sends his agents to keep in touch with Ivar.

When Bjorn's forces turn back Oleg's invasion, Dir returns to Ivar and Igor. He says his forces are ready to depart for Novgorod and Prince Igor needs to prepare himself to leave Kiev.


Dir is Oleg's less unscrupulous brother. He does not want to invade Scandinavia and actively opposes Oleg on the grounds of him being utterly amoral. Dir does not have obvious intentions to use Igor as a puppet.



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