Ealhswith was the wife of King Aelle of Northumbria and the mother of Judith, Ecgberht and Bjaela.


Season 1

Ealhswith accompanies her husband, King Aelle and her son, Ecgberht in welcoming Aelle's brother, Aethelwulf to their hall. Aethelwulf is to lead Aelle's army against the Northmen, who have invaded their lands in search of plunder. The two brothers are pleased to see each other and Aethelwulf jests about paying poets to sing his praises. When Aethelwulf notices that Ealswith does not laugh at his joke, he asks her if she has no time for laughter, to which she replies that she only has time for fear.

Season 2

Season 4


Season one appearances
Rites of Passage Wrath of the Northmen Dispossessed
Trial Raid Burial of the Dead
A King's Ransom Sacrifice All Change
Season two appearances
Brother's War Invasion Treachery Eye For an Eye Answers in Blood
Unforgiven Blood Eagle Boneless The Choice The Lord's Prayer
Season four appearances
A Good Treason Kill the Queen Mercy Yol Promised
What Might Have Been The Profit and the Loss Portage Death All 'Round The Last Ship
The Outsider The Vision Two Journeys In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning All His Angels
Crossings The Great Army Revenge On the Eve The Reckoning
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