Edgar is an Ealdorman in the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Northumbria.


Season 1

He together with Lord Wigea are part of a Northumbrian warband which seeks to destroy the Viking raiders under the leadership of Ragnar Lothbrok. Despite outnumbering the Northmen, the bulk of the force is wiped out by the raiders and Wigea is blamed with the defeat by King Aelle of Northumbria. Later, Edgar is seen at Aelle's court, praising the martial reputation of Lord Aethelwulf, the brother of the king.


  • Edgar either held the Anglo-Saxon title of Ealdorman (Earl) or Thegn (Knight).


Season one appearances
Rites of Passage Wrath of the Northmen Dispossessed
Trial Raid Burial of the Dead
A King's Ransom Sacrifice All Change