Egil "the Bastard" was a Viking warrior and son of an earl.


Season 4

Egil was a warrior from Scandinavia, who had joined Bjorn Ironside's raid to the Mediterranean Sea and the Caliphate city of Algeciras. In the midst of traveling. Halfdan "The Black" introduces Egil to his brother, King Harald "Finehair," as "the son of an earl." While Egil desired to be an earl one day, he describes himself as a bastard, indicating his father may not legitimately claim him as his son.

Later, Egil reappears then Harald and Halfdan give him instructions.

After King Harald and Halfdan left, Egil launches the attack on Kattegat. He first uses a decoy in the center of the city to see how weak the defenses are. Soon after Egil attacks Kattegat by using the boats and men he got from King Harald. But Lagertha foils his plan. Whereas his men fled, Egil charges Lagertha only to be struck by Astrid's spear, she prepares to finish him but Lagertha has others plans for him. After the failed attack on Kattegat, Torvi is injured during the battle, Lagertha tortures Egil to find out who gave him the men and boats. Egil tells Lagertha he will die anyways so there is no reason for him to tell her. After showing him his captured wife he tells Lagertha he will tell her for the sake of her life that he has been sent by King Harald.

He died off-screen: because of his wounds or executed.


  • HistoryTVCanada uploaded video for characters, who died in Season 4, and Egil is shown at 14th sec - although he is the only one who does not die on-screen... and even his image is obviously mirrored![1]


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