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Einar is one of Hedeby's warriors as well as the nephew of Earl Sigvard.


Season 2

After Lagertha stabbed Sigvard in the eye for his abuse of her, Einar beheaded his uncle instead of killing Lagertha. Lagertha was then chosen as the new Earl of Hedeby instead of Einar.

Later, Einar came to a naked Lagertha, insinuating that he had declined his uncle's position in exchange for Lagertha's sexual favors. But Lagertha told him that he wasn't chosen as the new Earl because even his own family viewed him as a failure and consequently hadn't supported his claim.

Season 3

Before her departure to Wessex in order to claim the land promised by Ecbert, Lagertha ordered her second-in-command in Hedeby, Kalf, to kill Einar who was constantly plotting against her. However, after he had captured Einar and was about to kill him, Kalf decided to spare him and made a pact with the man in order to usurp Lagertha's Jarldom for himself.

Thereby, with his help and that of his family, Kalf became the new earl of Hedeby while Lagertha was away and Einar was reinstated in his court as his second-in-command. Later, as Kalf left to attack Paris with King Ragnar and Lagertha, Einar was left in charge of Hedeby.

Season 4

After the return of Lagertha and Kalf from their attack on Paris, Kalf announced his intention to rule alongside and equal to Lagertha. Later Einar told Kalf that he and his supporters will never agree to this new arrangement and submitting, Kalf organized a vote to exile Lagertha. However, the vote was in fact a trap to draw Einar and all his supporters out of the darkness and Kalf quickly ordered their immediate execution. To add insult to injury, as Einar was incapacitated and dying from a crossbow shot to the throat, Lagertha emasculated him by cutting his genitalia shortly before he succumbed to his wounds.


  • He is credited as "Uncle Einar" in Season 2. Whose uncle was not elaborated upon.
  • Einar likely holds the office of Stivardr (steward) or Forungi (Hird commander) in the service to the Earl of Hedeby.
  • As a native of Hedeby in the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark, Einar is likely of Jutish tribal extraction.
  • Einar's unrequited love for Lagertha causes him to openly show his hatred or disrespect for her, making him one of her worst enemies. He is involved in every possible plot to overthrow or oppose her. However this may also be related to the cause of his death by orders of Kalf who also loves her.


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