Ellisif was a Danish princess and the wife of a Danish Earl Vik, and also the woman loved by King Harald.



Ellisif is the princess of which King Harald speaks to queen Aslaug, when he reveals his desire to be king of all Norway. After being refused a promised her that you do not cut your hair until it is king of the whole country and will be worthy to marry her.

Season 4

Ellisif reaches Kattegat with her husband who joins the Great Army to avenge Ragnar. On arrival at the port, she sees King Harald and his brother Halfdan, but it goes away. Later after paying homage to the Queen Lagertha she meets Harald who greets her and tells her that soon will be worthy of her, he'll finally cut his hair, and he will marry her.

But she confesses that she is already married to a Danish Earl Vik, Harald angry reminds her that was already king when she refused him. Meanwhile, his brother Halfdan pulls a dagger to kill her. Ellisif begs him not to, and the king lets her go. Later he confesses to his brother asking him why not kill her, that to the world loves only two people: Halfdan and the princess and he will kill all those who threaten her.

Later in the episode "On the Eve" King Harald visit Ellisif and forgives her before killing her husband in front of her. She later had sex with Harald before pulling a knife out on him leaving Halfdan to kill her.


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