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Elsewith of Northumbria is the niece of Queen Judith, married to King Alfred, and Queen of Wessex and Mercia.


Season 5

Elsewith is accompanied by Wilfred to Wessex to meet her future husband. Meanwhile, Bjorn succeeds in wooing her in secrecy in Wessex. Marrying Alfred, Elsewith later tells Judith she is carrying a child. Judith believes that the child is the future of England. However, the child's parentage is questionable due to Elsewith's previous fling with Bjorn.

Season 6

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In History

Elsewith is based on King Alfred the Great's real wife, Ealhswith. Ealhswith's father ,Æthelred Mucel, was Ealdorman of the Gaini, an old Mercian tribal group. Her mother was Eadburh, a member of the Mercian royal family. Ealhswith and Alfred married in 868 AD at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. They had five children whoo survived to adulthood together. Most likely after the death of her husband, Ealhswith founded the convent of St. Mary's Abbey, Winchester, known as the Nunnaminster.


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