Elsewith is the crowned princess of Northumbria and the niece of Queen Judith, married to King Alfred and Queen of Wessex. She was accompanied by Wilfred to Wessex to meet her future husband. Meanwhile, Bjorn succeeds in wooing her in secrecy in Wessex. 

Marrying Alfred, Elsewith later tells Judith she is carrying a child. Judith believes that the child is the future of England. However, the child's parentage is questionable due to Elsewith's previous fling with Bjorn.


Season five appearances
The Departed Part 1 The Departed Part 2 Homeland The Plan The Prisoner
The Message Full Moon The Joke A Simple Story Moments of Vision
The Revelation Murder Most Foul A New God The Lost Moment Hell
The Buddha The Most Terrible Thing Baldur What Happens in the Cave Ragnarok
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