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Erik Thorvaldsson, called Erik the Red, is an outlaw.


Season 6

Erik is a young outlaw who saved Bjorn's life when King Harald sent men to kill him. He describes himself to be a former merecenary who got involved in some killings which made him an outlaw. He survived by providing his services as a warrior. Erik is shown to be smart as he was able to recongnise the Rus's flag. Erik also shows his knowledge by telling Bjorn , Gunnhild, and others about what he knows about the Rus. Erik was sent by Bjorn to deliver his message to King Harald about the Rus. Harald arrests him and was about to execute him, until King Olaf stopped him and explained who he was. Erik is shown to be a good fighter as he was able to slay many Rus soldiers when his troop discovered them and he shows good leadership as he was able to command a part of Bjorn's army when Bjorn left to fight to protect Tamdrup.

After Harald's departure for England, Erik makes himself King of Kattegat alongside Queen Ingrid.


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