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Freydís Eiríksdóttir is the half-sister of Leif Eriksson.


Early Life

Freydis grew up in Greenland with her family. It was a very remote life. Before arriving in Kattegat, she had never seen more than forty people gathered together. She was sexually assaulted by a Christian Viking who carved a cross into her back. This has made her incredibly anti-Christian. Freydis, her brother Leif, and their friends have left Greenland to search for the man who raped and assaulted her in order to exact revenge.

Season 1

Freydis, Leif, and their crew have spent five weeks traveling on the open ocean from Greenland to Kattegat. As they near Norway, they are caught in a massive storm that kills hundreds of others, but thanks to Leif's skillful captaining, they arrive unharmed. Upon arriving in Kattegat, Leif tells Freydis to stay with the boat while he and some of the others go into town and begin looking for Freydis's attacker.

While organizing the things on the boat, a man approaches Freydis and introduces himself as Harald Sigurdsson. They flirt and then immediately have sex. Afterwards, while she is in a bathtub, Harald sees the cross scar on her back. Freydis tells him the story of how she was raped and branded by a Christian Viking and explains that she, her brother, and their friends are in Kattegat in an attempt to find and kill the man responsible. Leif arrives to tell Freydis that more men have arrived.

Freydis, Leif, and their friends watch as Olaf Haraldsson and Gunnar Magnússon's crew are greeted by Harald. Freydis identifies the man who attacked her. The Greenlanders follow Olaf, Gunnar, and Harald as they go to meet with King Canute. They spend the night in the forest near the massive army Canute has assembled. The next morning, Freydis is making an offering to the gods when Earl Estrid Haakon and her shield-maidens come upon her. Haakon introduces herself and tells Freydis it is not safe to openly pray to the gods outside of Kattegat. Upon learning who she is, Haakon tells Freydis that she was a friend of her father's.

During the feast celebrating the army before they depart, Freydis successfully kills her rapist, Gunnar. She and Leif are arrested and will face trial for murder.

Leif and Freydis are being held before the trial. Leif asks if she feels justice after killing her rapist. She replies that she does and that she feels cleansed. Leif believes they will be sentenced to death. Freydis disagrees. Even though he believes they will be killed, Leif tells Freydis he is proud of her. Leif and Freydis are brought before Jarl Haakon and King Canute for their trial. Harald intervenes and manages to save their lives by having Leif pay off Freydis’s debt by taking Gunnar’s place in the army under Canute’s command. Meanwhile, Freydis will remain in Kattegat under Jarl Haakon. Before departing for England, Harald visits Freydis who is unhappy about being separated from her brother. She feels that Harald could have gotten them a different outcome. Despite this, Freydis gives Harald one of her necklaces, telling him it will bring him good luck. Harald tells her it is time for her to say goodbye to her brother and friends. Freydis gives Leif a big hug and promises to make a sacrifice to the gods for his safety. She hugs goodbye to Skarde, Liv, and Ulf who have volunteered to join Leif.

To complete her training and officially become a shield-maiden, Freydis must undergo a trial in which she fights and defeats all of Jarl Haakon's shield-maidens. She is successful.

After defeating Jarl Kåre, Freydis runs back outside and sees a severely injured Harald. Harald at first thinks Freydis is going to abandon him to die, but she reappears with two horses. She helps him onto one of them and mounts the other. The two flee Kattegat together.

Season 2

Harald and Freydis are in hiding two hundred miles from Kattegat. Their romance has only intensified. Freydis is suffering from feelings of guilt for not confirming that she is the Keeper of the Faith and not helping her fellow pagans flee from the Christian Vikings. Despite this, they end up separating as they find themselves on different paths. Freydis journeys to Jomsborg, Pomerania with Jorundr. At Lord Harekr's urging, she becomes Gudija of the temple there.

While going through labor and giving birth alone, Freydis prays to Odin to send the Valkyrie Eir to her to fill her with strength. She eventually gives birth to a baby boy that she names Harald.

After killing Olaf and his men, Freydis returns King Svein Knutsson to his mother Queen Regent Ælfgifu in Kattegat. Ælfgifu asks her what she wants in return, and Freydis tells her she only wants peace between the pagans and the Christians. Ælfgifu immediately agrees. As she goes to board her boat back to Jomsborg, a woman asks if she is Freydis, Keeper of the Faith. Freydis replies that she is. Having accepted that she is Keeper of the Faith, and leading the people of Jomsborg, she will continue to ensure it will remain one of the last safe havens for Vikings who follow the old gods.


Freydís is fiercely pagan, fiery, and headstrong. She is a staunch believer in the old gods. Freydis and her brother grew up in a very harsh environment that requires a survivalist mentality. She is determined to step out of her famous and violent father's shadow. She can be reckless and driven by her emotions.


Leif Eriksson

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Harald Sigurdsson

Freydis and Harald are drawn to each other instantly. However, they clash over their differing religious beliefs. Harald realizes that he loves Freydis and declares his love to her. He tells her he will even give up his dream of ruling Norway to be with her. Despite loving each other, they separate. Freydis says that while Harald is a good man, they are on different paths now.

In History

Freydís is based on the historical Freydís Eiríksdóttir. She is mentioned in the Greenland saga and the Saga of Erik the Red. In both accounts, she is portrayed as a masculine, strong-willed woman who would defy the odds of her society.


  • The sword Freydís receives from Bulsa is named the Keeper of the Faith.
  • Her son Harald is not one of the known sons of Harald Sigurdsson in recorded history.


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