Götaland (Geatland) is an area in the south of Sweden, in Scandinavia. It is the home and dominion of Jarl Borg and his family.

In Vikings

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Jarl Borg's town, in Götland.

During the period which Vikings is supposed to take place, Götaland is depicted as part of Sweden, since the caption reads "Götaland, Sweden" when Ragnar and his crew arrive at Jarl Borg's town, in the episode All Change.

Characters coming from Götaland:

Former members of Jarl Borg's court:

Geographical Description


Götaland, the Danemark, Vermaland and Svithjod (Svealand).

It's home to the ethnic group known as Geats (or götar in Swedish, gautar in Old Norse). This was the homeland of the legendary hero Beowulf. Götaland is divided into "Västra Götaland" (West Geatland) and "Östra Götaland" (East Geatland). They are divided by the South Swedish Highlands that cut through Götaland. To the north it borders Svithjod (Svealand) and Ránriki; to the south Småland (literally, The Little Lands) and Scania. It is not known when Svealand and Götaland merged to form Sweden, but the first Swedish king who can be proven to have ruled over both Svealand and Götaland is Olof Skötkonung, who ruled between 995 and 1022.


The years following the end of the Viking era, were marked by a power struggle between the Svear and the Geats. The royal house who ruled Sweden at the time, was the House Of Stenkil wich was Geatish. However, the Svear refused to accept any king who would not perform the annual sacrifice at Uppsala and became involved in bloody clashes with the Geats because of this. The consequence of this was that any man who wanted to become king of Sweden had to be elected such at the stones of Mora by the Svear. In the Middle Ages, the Geatish Bjälbo clan produced a line of kings who more or less ruled Sweden uniterrupted until the early 16th century when the Swedish House of Vasa took over instead.