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Ganbaatar is the captain of Prince Oleg's personal forces. He is also Oleg's primary enforcer.


Season 6

Ganbaatar appears to be a type of nomad. It's very ambiguous if he is meant to be a Rus, or some sort of Turkic nomad that got recruited by Prince Oleg.

Ganbaatar captured Ivar and delivered him to his master. Later, he participates in the Battle for Vestfold. In the battle between the Norwegian confederation and the Rus, Ganbaatar fights on a horse, using bow and arrow as his primary weapon. Ganbaata kills Bjorn, although Bjorn was already dying from being stabbed Ivar. Ganbaatar gives him the final blow with his bow and arrow. He also kills King Hakon and Amma. He is killed by Gunnhild.


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