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Gunnhild is a shield-maiden and the wife of Jarl Olavsonn. She becomes Bjorn's wife and the Queen of Kattegat.


Season 5

When Gunnhild is first introduced, she is with her husband, Jarl Olavsonn and also with King Harald on a ship. While he was discussing his ambitions with her and her husband, he also talks about his desire to kill Lagertha for kiiling his wife Astrid. She then comforts him and confidently tells him that he will be happily married one day and this causes Harald to be immediatley smitten with her. In the battle against King Alfred’s Army, Gunnhild stabbed and killed Bishop Heahmundthrough the back, while he was wounded. She later faced Bjorn Ironside during the fight, slicing him on the forehead in the process before being knocked to the floor, forced to surrender to him as the Viking army retreated. She is captured by the Saxons after the Battle of Marton, where she eventually meets Bjorn. Her and Bjorn both shared a connection and quickly fell in love, despite King Harald having an interest in her. She falls in love with Bjorn, soon after. Later she becomes Bjorn's wife and the ultimate love of his life.

She participates at the Siege of Kattegat and survives. When Lagertha crowns with Sword of Kings Bjorn, new King of Kattegat, Gunnhild becomes Queen of Kattegat.

Season 6

When Bjorn once again struggles with being faithful to his wife, Gunnhild solves the problem by suggesting her take Ingrid as a second wife. Bjorn goes along with her plan. It's an interesting solution to a problem Bjorn has always had with his women. Once he's "made his conquest" he tires quickly and moved on to another woman.

Gunnhild claims she is not jealous of Ingrid, but during the celebration feast, she taunts Ingrid, clearly not nearly as comfortable with this new arrangement as she pretends. When Erik comments on her apparent lack of jealousy, she rebukes him by telling him that he does not know her or her feelings.

Gunnhild puts on a brave face, telling Bjorn to go to Ingrid on their wedding night. He lingers, obviously guilty over the pain he's caused her. But she insists. He made a decision and now he needs to follow through with it. Gunnhild acts tough, but when Bjorn leaves, a tear slides down her cheek.


Gunnhild is a strong, fierce, unique, and loyal shield-maiden. She is strong enough to hurt Bjorn on the battlefield. She is also a kind, affectionate, and humble. She tried to make Harald feel better about his bad luck in love, consoled Bjorn when he was depressed by the disappearance of his mother, and made Bjorn show his feelings for her. Even though she feels a great love and respect for Bjorn, she does not hesitate to challenge him, even hitting him two times.


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