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Warriors don't show their heart until the axe reveals it.
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Not to be confused with her namesake, Gyda (Shieldmaiden).

Gyda Ragnarsdottir is the daughter of Ragnar and Lagertha.


Season 1

Gyda was the kind and gentle daughter of two famous Viking warriors in their society, who is just starting to learn the ways of the Vikings. She was first seen hunting eels with her mother, the famous shield-maiden Lagertha. Gyda told her mother that she has started bleeding. Lagertha said that she was now a woman and no longer a child, but asked to cradle her once she passed away. Gyda had quickly become attached to Athelstan upon his arrival at Ragnar's farm.

As the plague takes hold, Gyda is a victim and passes away. Though Lagertha outwardly shows little emotion, perhaps in being strong for the afflicted community, it's clear her heart is broken as she places Gyda's body on a funeral pyre and burns it.

Season 2

Sometime later, after an extended absence from the village negotiating and waging war on behalf of King Horik, Ragnar mourns his lost daughter. Heartbroken as he sits alone in the spot where her funeral pyre burned on the shore of the fjord, speaking to her as if she were physically present. He muses that she was mature for her age and laments that while he knows he can feel jealousy towards his sons, Gyda was his only child that he could feel nothing but love for.

Season 4

While drugged and now a king, Ragnar has a bittersweet vision of his old and simple life as a farmer, seeing Gyda and the rest of his family, including Athelstan. Later, Ragnar sees again Gyda and the rest of his family before his death by the hands of King Aelle.



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