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King Hakon was a Norwegian king.


Season 6

King Hakon meets Bjorn in Tamdrup. He tells Bjorn that he fought at the Siege of Paris. He also tells the story of how he was fighting Jarl Thorkell and got his hand chopped off.

Along with Bjorn, Harald, and Thorkell, he is one of the candidates in the King Election at Tamdrup. Though he claimed to be in favor of Bjorn over Thorkell, he chose to vote for Harald at the moot. He does not participate in the Battle for Vestfold. Later, he arrives with Jarl Hrolf and theirs armies and pledges allegiance to Bjorn. He goes to rejoin Oleg's army, saying to Oleg and his best warriors Ivar, Hvitserk, and Ganbaatar that Bjorn is dead. He actes as a coward when he supplies Oleg to spare him in exchange he will serve him. Apparently, Oleg accepts but then waves to Ganbaatar to kill Hakon.


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