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King Hakon (Old Norse: Hákon) is a Norwegian king.


Season 6

King Hakon meets Bjorn in Tamdrup. He tells Bjorn that he fought at the Siege of Paris. He also tells the story of how he was fighting Jarl Thorkell and got his hand chopped off.

Along with Bjorn, Harald, and Thorkell, he is one of the candidates in the King Election at Tamdrup. Though he claimed to be in favor of Bjorn over Thorkell, he chose to vote for Harald at the moot.

After the Battle for Vestfold, King Hakon arrives in Kattegat. Queen Gunnhild takes him to Bjorn who is lying in bed dying from the wound inflicted on him by Ivar. Hakon claims to be there to fight with Bjorn. Later, he is seen being taken to Prince Oleg's tent on the outskirts of Kattegat. He tells Oleg, Ivar, Hvitserk, and Ganbaatar that Bjorn is dead. When Hvitserk asks why he has come to tell them this, King Hakon bends a knee and says that he is there pledge his armies to Prince Oleg in exchange for sparing his life. Oleg has Hakon kiss his ring and then says, "Look after our guest." Ganbaatar proceeds to stab Hakon in the neck.

In History

King Hakon seems to be based on the historical Haakon Haraldsson, also known as Haakon the Good and Haakon Adalsteinfostre. He was the king of Norway from 934 to 961 AD. He was noted for his attempts to introduce Christianity into Norway. His father was Harald Finehair and his mother was Thora Mosterstong.


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