Helgi 'the Lean' was one of Eyvinds sons and a young viking settler who joined Floki in the effort to settling on new land.


Helgi was married to Thorunn, and was expecting a child. Unlike the rest of his family, he doesn't berate Floki or the settlers building upon his vision. When Thorunn was murdered, he and his family were exiled from Flokalundur. He eventually returned and begged Floki to help his family. He proclaimed that his family became ill in the winter. He contracted severe frostbite and had to have one of his fingers removed.

Helgi leads Floki, Kjetill and Frodi along with Kjetill's farmhands in good faith to Eyvind's hut. However Helgi is knocked unconcious by the farmhands while Kjetill and Frodi kill Rafarta, Asbjorn and Jorunn. Eyvind and Helgi are put out in the rain over night. In the morning, Kjetill beheads Eyvind. And despite Floki's plea for mercy, Kjetill and Frodi kill Helgi as well. 



  • According to Book of Settlement, Helgi and Thorunn had two children, Hrolf, Ingjald and Ingunn.
  • Helgi the lean was known to have converted to christianity, but prayed to Thor whenever at sea or in battle.

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