Hild was a young female servant in Kattegat.


Season 2

Aslaug, heavily pregnant with her third child Sigurd, notices that the new servant Hild has caught the attention of her husband, Ragnar. Displeased, Aslaug calls the girl back and warns her to be careful of whom she becomes familiar with.

Later that night, Aslaug confronts her drunken husband about his interest in the servant. Ragnar tries to calm her down, saying he is not interested in sleeping with any other woman. Aslaug does not believe him, saying that all women can tell when a man intends to be unfaithful, herself twice as much as she is also a völva. Aslaug spits out a prophesy, saying their child will be a son and will bear the mark of Fafnir, the serpent-dragon her father killed.

Hild is not seen again after this episode; it is unknown if perhaps Aslaug sent the girl away.


Season two appearances
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