The House of Björnsson is one of the first great houses to settle upon Iceland, though they are not a noble one. Kjetill 'Flatnose' is the patriarch of the family. He is currently married to Ingvild and has two sons and three daughters. His daughter Thorunn is married to Helgi the Lean from Eyvind's family and great with child. There is currently strife between the two families since they landed on Iceland. While the House of Björnsson embrace the new land, Eyvind's side however do not agree with Floki and berated anyone who continued to embrace the native land. After the death of Bul, Thorgrim was murdered in retaliation. Floki offered a solution to be a sacrifice in order to end the feud. Eyvind's family, with the exception of Helgi agreed to sacrifice Floki, while Kjetill's family declined to sacrifice him and wanted a different solution. After Thorunn was murdered by Asbjorn, Floki banished Eyvind and his family from Flokalundur. When Helgi returned to beg for help for his family, Kjetill agreed to accompany him to his family, however, he and Frodi had other plans. Instead, they chose rather to avenge Thorgrim and Thorunn and wipe out Eyvind's entire family, which included Helgi, even though he had also sided against his father. Upon hearing the news of her father's decision, Aud committed suicide.


The house consisted of:

  • Kjetill 'Flatnose' (Patriarch of the House of Björnsson)
    • Ingvild (Wife of Kjetill)
      • Thorgrim † (Oldest Son of Kjetill and Igvild)
      • Aud † the Deep Minded (First Daughter of Kjetill and Ingvild)
      • Frodi (Youngest Son of Kjetill and Ingvild)
      • Thorunn † (Youngest Daughter of Kjetill and Ingvild)
        • Helgi † the Lean (Husband of Thorunn)
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