Huset Sigfred

The banner of the House of Sigfred

The House of Sigfred was the royal house of Denmark. Their colors where black, white and green and their symbol was a serpent. Their aggression towards the House of Lothbrok and Kattegat led to their demise and eventual extinction.


At the end of the 8th century, the house consited of:

  • King Horik † (Son of Götrik; killed by Ragnar Lothbrok and his inner circle):
    • Queen Gunnhild † (Wife of Horik; killed by earl Lagertha):
      • Ari † (Oldest son of Horik and Gunnhild; killed in Wessex);
      • Erlendur † (Second oldest son of Horik and Gunnhild; murdered by his own wife);
      • Various sons and daughters of Horik and Gunnhild †; all slained by men loyal to earl Ragnar Lothbrok during the Bloodbath at Kattegat.

Associated members:


The flag of the house of Sigfred.

  • Earl Bjarni † (Cousin of Horik; killed by Siggy Haraldson):
    • Thyri † (Wife of Bjarni).

King Hemming of Denmark ( Cousin of Horik and Nephew to King Gudfred of Denmark).

Former Members

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