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Idun (Old Norse: Iðunn; meaning "Rejuvenator;" pronounced IH-dune) is the goddess of youth, immortality, rejuvenation, and spring in Norse mythology. She is the wife of the god Bragi.


Idun is the keeper of the magical apples of immortality, which the gods must eat to preserve their youth. Her father is the god Ivald, and she is the sister of the goddess Nanna. She lives in the Grove of Brunnaker.


  • Symbols: apples, long golden hair
  • Animal: eagle
  • Colors: yellow, apple red, apple green
  • Runes: Jera, Wyn
  • Offerings: apples, nuts
  • Time to Honor: Samhain (End of Autumn), for health issues

In Vikings

Season 6

Idun visits Hvitserk.


Season six appearances
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