It's Only Magic is the eighteenth episode in the sixth season of Vikings, and eighty-seventh episode overall. It aired on December 30, 2020.


Ubbe and the settlers find new land, but soon realize they're not alone. In Wessex, King Alfred has mustered a large force to meet the Vikings. Meanwhile, in Kattegat, Erik realizes that Ingrid has been using her powers against him.



Guest Starring

Additional Cast

  • Noella Brennan as Gudrid
  • Ian Lloyd Anderson as Naad
  • Russell Balogh as Bishop Aldulf
  • Breffni Holahan as Sister Annis
  • Brendan McCormack as Leof
  • Oliver Price as Galan
  • Dafhyd Flynn as Adam
  • Peter Dillon as Alfred's Mounted Bodyguard
  • Dave Boyle as Saxon Warrior Scout 1
  • Sean Condren as Saxon Warrior Scout 2
  • Neal Watkins as Viking Council Noble
  • Tim Creed as Orlyg

Episode Deaths

  • N/A


  • For sailors suffering from dehydration and starvation, close to death with their organs on the verge of shutting down, they sure recovered quickly once they arrived on land.
  • After coming back from a hunt, Ubbe's group is carrying a hog. Pigs didn't exist in North America at this time.
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