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Knut Tjodolf is the half-brother of Earl Haraldson.


Season 1

Knut was among the Viking warriors who met at the home of Erik to discuss a voyage to the West with Ragnar Lothbrok. He never showed up on the day of the trip and later told his brother about their departure.

On their second voyage, however, he joins the crew as the earl's spy. After arriving at the longship, he eyes Lagertha with malice. Rollo sees this and attacks him in front of the group, warning him that he is as good as dead if the group does not trust him.

During the raid, Knut separates from the group and enters a house. Seeing a woman and her daughter in the house, he takes the opportunity and tries to rape the mother. Lagertha, however, sees this and tries to stop him. A fight ensues and, when he thinks he has the upper hand, tries to rape Lagertha, instead. Lagertha, however, ends up killing him.

When Lagertha later tells Ragnar, he is angered and disappointed that no one was there to witness his death.

When the earl notices Knut missing from the group, Ragnar falsely confesses to killing him, saying he saw Knut attempt to rape his wife, and the earl then uses this as basis to put Ragnar on trial. Ragnar's claims are proven true by Rollo after turning down a bribe from the earl.


  • According to Gustaf Skarsgård, Knut was the most difficult name for the non-Scandinavian actors to pronounce.



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