Lost Souls is the fourteenth episode in the sixth season of Vikings, and eighty-third episode overall. It aired on December 30, 2020.


Prince Igor receives a hero's welcome in Novgorod but back in Kiev the mood is darker: Prince Oleg will not be giving up the fight. Ubbe's settlers are overjoyed to find land, but it's not the Golden Land they expected.


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Guest Starring

Additional Cast

  • Guy Carleton as Patriarch/Russian Priest
  • Oran Glynn O'Donovan as Igor
  • Scott Graham as Frodi
  • Tristan McConnell as Greenland Settler
  • Ciarán O'Grady as Greenland Settler
  • Finn Gillespie as Young Viking
  • Noella Brennan as Gudrid
  • Moah Madsen as Gunnhild's Servant
  • Isabelle Connolly as Anna
  • Lee Bennett as Eastern Rus Noble
  • Aisling Reid as Harold's Servant
  • Emily Fox as Harold's Servant
  • Katie McCann as Harold's Servant
  • Muireann Bird as Harold's Servant
  • Niall Ó'Sioradáin as Chief Priest


Episode Deaths


  • In Iceland the word for beached whale is "hvalreki." This his also a rural slang for "godsend" or "stroke of luck."
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