The massacre of the Danish settlement was an event secretly planned by King Ecbert and his son Aethelwulf to get rid of the Danish settlers to which they had given important acres of land. Apparently frustrated by the refusal of the Danes to abandon their pagan gods and in retaliation for the raids on a an English farm, Ecbert decided to wipe out the Danish settlement, violating the peace treaty he had agreed with Ragnar Lothbrok. He gave his son the task to slaughter the settlers, while some of the nobles, unaware of Ecbert's secret plans, decided to join Aethelwulf. Ecbert in fact consolidated his power when he openly instigated the nobles for their behavior, arresting some of them, while afterwards, congratulating his son. A viking farmer named Stender was the sole survivor of the slaughter. When he was interrogated about the attack by Ragnar, he was strangled.

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