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Michael Hirst (born September 21, 1952) is an English screenwriter, creator, and producer, best known for his films Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, as well as the Emmy Award-winning television series The Tudors. Hirst is the creator, writer, and executive producer of Vikings and Vikings: Valhalla.


Hirst grew up in Ilkley in West Yorkshire. He attended the London School of Economics. He received a First Class Joint-Honours Degree in English and American Literature from the University of Nottingham and studied Henry James at Trinity College, Oxford.

Hirst was originally going to be an academic, but became a screenwriter after Nicolas Roeg read one of his short stories and asked him to write screenplays for him.

He owns Green Pavilion Entertainment, a production company he launched in December 2017.


  • His daughters Maude Hirst and Georgia Hirst made appearances on some of his shows, the former on The Tudors and both on Vikings.

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