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Midgard (Old Norse: Miðgarðr; meaning "middle yard" or "middle enclosure") is the name for Earth in Norse mythology.


In Norse mythology, Midgard is the wall around the world that the gods constructed from the eyebrows of the giant Ymir as a defense against the Jötunn who live in Jötunheimr. The gods slew the giant Ymir, the first created being, and put his body into the central void of the universe. This created the world out of Ymir's body, his flesh constituting the land, his blood the oceans, his bones the mountains, his teeth the cliffs, his hairs the trees, and his brains the clouds.

According to the Eddas, Midgard will be destroyed at Ragnarök, the battle at the end of the world. Jötunheimr will arise from the ocean, poisoning the land and sea, and causing the sea to rise and destroy the land. The earth will sink into the sea only to rise again, fertile and green, when the cycle repeats and the creation begins again.