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Moments of Vision is the tenth episode of the fifth season of Vikings, and fifty-ninth episode overall. It aired on January 24, 2018.


A sense of doom looms over Kattegat as bloodshed ensues; the defeated army flees in the face of the victors, and a legendary warrior makes his way home.


Heahmund tells Lagertha that he has no intention of dying today. Lagertha tells him that she thinks she might die this day. She asks him to kiss her one last time. After, she tells him that she can die now. Hvitserk tells Ivar that the only regret he has is that he doesn't have any children. Ivar tells Hvitserk that he thinks Hvitserk regrets changing allegiances. Ubbe and Hvitserk face each other on the battlefield but Ubbe can't bring himself to kill Hvitserk. Bjorn remembers saying goodbye to Snaefrid. Snaefrid leaves with her father to take up their positions in the forest. Both Snaefrid and Svase are killed. Bjorn tells Halfdan that it must be hard for him to go against his brother. Halfdan tells Bjorn that Bjorn showed him all that life has to offer and that if he has to die today then so be it. Halfdan goes against his brother in battle. Harald kills him and tells him that he'll see him in Valhalla.

Harald asks Astrid to cut his hair. Torvi and Lagertha fight in the battle. Lagertha watches as Torvi's son Guthrum is killed by Hvitserk. Lagertha is approached by Astrid who asks Lagertha to kill her. She tells Lagertha that she has to die because she can't have Harald's child. Astrid goes to attack Lagertha but Lagertha stabs her. Floki tells Eyvind that he understands about how he's feeling about losing a child. Floki asks him to not think about seeking revenge and that if he does he'll kill the dream of them creating a new world. Floki tells him that if he'll drop the matter he'll make Eyvind lawgiver. Heahmund makes eye contact with Ivar who watches the fighting below.

Margrethe goes to meet with The Seer. She tells them that she's seen them dying on the battlefield. She asks the Seer if Ubbe will be king of Kattegat and will she be queen. The Seer says that she'll never be queen of Kattegat and that Ubbe won't be king of Kattegat. He calls Margrethe mad for her ambition. Bjorn fires arrows at Ivar but misses. Ivar sends in the Franks to fight. Bjorn calls for a retreat. Floki finds Thorgrim dead in the water. Bjorn finds Snaefrid in the forest and mourns her death. Floki proposes that he be sacrificed to the gods in order to stop the colony from descending into chaos. Torvi arrives back in Kattegat and reclaims her children from Margrethe. Bjorn finds Lagertha but her hair has turned white. Rollo arrives in Kattegat.



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  • At the end of the episode, Lagertha's hair turned white as she remembers Astrid's death. This happened because she's psychologically destroyed with so many deaths.
  • According to the Norse sagas, Harald "Fairhair" ("Finehair" in the series) swore not to cut or comb his hair until he had unified Norway into one kingdom and married the woman he first made that vow to.
  • The shot a face half-submerged is recycled from an earlier episode, The Profit and the Loss, in Season 4.
  • This episode is one of the few with a pre-title scene.