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Murder Most Foul is the twelfth episode of the fifth season of Vikings, and the sixty-first episode overall. It aired on December 5, 2018.


Bjorn, Lagertha and Ubbe face an uncertain fate as Heahmund's loyalty is tested. Floki fights to understand the will of the gods in IcelandIvar may have met his match in Kattegat.


Lagertha, Torvi and her sons, Bjorn, and Ubbe arrive at King Alfred's villa with Heahmund at the lead of their caravan. Heahmund pleads their case to the King and tells Alfred that he'd offered the Vikings safe passage. Meanwhile, the Vikings are taken to a prison cell where they await word from Heahmund. They are unsure of Heahmund and believe that they'll die in there just as Ragnar did. Floki asks the Gods why they spared him from death. He begins to doubt that he ever saw a God. The Vikings are brought to Alfred who tells them that he'll honour the deal between Ecbert and Ragnar if they promise to fight for them against the armies of their countrymen. Lagertha tells Alfred that they accept his offer. Alfred tells them that they are free to roam the villa as they wish. Alfred asks Heahmund if he can trust them and Heahmund says that he can trust Lagertha. Heahmund asks Alfred to become bishop once again but because they thought he was dead they have appointed a new bishop. Alfred says that he isn't strong enough to remove Cuthred from power. Alfred says that he must prove himself again before he can make him bishop once more.

Ivar introduces Freydis as the soon to be queen of Kattegat. Harald is concerned that Ivar is getting married to produce an heir to secure the rule of Kattegat as his alone. Margrethe tells Harald that he can't do that because he is impotent. This is a relief to Harald who salutes Ivar with his cup. Freydis and Ivar go to bed but Ivar tells Freydis that he isn't able to have sex. Freydis tells him that she believes him to be a God and that he can do anything. She promises that she'll have his son. Heahmund goes to pay Cuthred a visit. Heahmund tells Cuthred that this is his place and that Cuthred is a hypocrite. Cuthred tells Heahmund that he and others are seeking to overthrow Alfred. Floki speaks to one of his settlers and tells her that the Gods aren't here and that perhaps it was all in his head. Freydis pulls aside one of the villagers and has sex with him in order to get pregnant.

Lagertha asks Heahmund where he's been and Heahmund informs her of his visit with Cuthred. Heahmund tells her about their plan to kill Alfred. Judith welcomes Princess Elsewith and Aethelred tells her that she'll soon meet the King. Alfred, Ubbe, and Bjorn have a conversation. They want their land but Alfred says that he can't grant it to them yet. That they must prove themselves useful. He leaves to go meet Elsewith. They sit in the hall to eat with the Vikings in tow. Elsewith asks about Bjorn. Aethelred warns Alfred about the church and others who have voiced out against him. Elsewith watches as Torvi and Ubbe train. Lagertha and Heahmund go for a ride and are spotted kissing by a man who followed after them. Alfred speaks to Ubbe about them renouncing their pagan gods about deciding to become baptized. That that might help convince the people to accept them. Ubbe tells him that he'll need time to think about it.

Freydis tells Ivar that she is pregnant with his child but then she stabs him. It turns out that Ivar is dreaming and that it isn't Freydis that stabbed him by Margrethe. Ivar talks with Hvitserk and Harald and asks what they plan to do with Margrethe. Hvitserk tells Ivar not to worry that she isn't going to kill him. Ivar asks Harald what he's still doing here and wonders if he'll kill him and take Kattegat. Harald says that he doesn't want the mess and that he'll be leaving to join the raiding parties in England. Ivar tells them about Freydis being with child and Harald congratulates him. Alfred apologizes to Elsewith for not having time to get to know her. She says that she knows and that he has more important things to do. He leaves her and Elsewith ends up talking with Bjorn. He leads her into a stable where Bjorn kisses Elsewith. The spy reports back to Cuthred that he saw Heahmund and Lagertha having sex and kissing.

Hvitserk goes to visit Margrethe. Margrethe tells Hvitserk to kill Ivar because he isn't kind. Hvitserk puts her back to bed and tells her to sleep before he leaves. Elsewith goes to visit Bjorn in the middle of the night. They have sex. Three men visit Margrethe in the middle of the night. They kill her. Heahmund receives a letter from Cuthred telling him that Cuthred plans to tell everyone about his relationship with Lagertha. This prompts Heahmund to go visit him. He kills Cuthred in a fit of rage.



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  • Another hypothesis for the name Ivar "the Boneless" is that it was was actually "the hated," which in Latin is called Exosus. A medieval scribe with a basic knowledge of Latin could easily have interpreted it as ex (meaning "without") os (meaning "bone"), thus "the Boneless." It is generally regarded, though, that Ivar was physically disabled. Also "boneless" could simply refer to him being impotent, and not otherwise disabled.