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Novgorod (meaning "the new town") is one of the principle towns of the Rus, presently in western Russia.

In Vikings

Novgorod was the original capital of the Kievan Rus before Kiev, but is still one of the principal towns of Rus. It is a rich town and attracts trade from far and wide due to being located on the crossroads of Asia and northwest Europe.

The city is ruled by the royal family of Princes Askold, Dir, and Oleg. After Oleg left for Kiev to receive custody of Prince Igor and rule as regent in his stead, Askold and Dir remained behind in Novgorod with their armies.

Oleg, while planning to invade Scandinavia, had Askold killed after he tried to take away Igor from his custody. Oleg was later confronted by Dir who threatened him to give up Igor or be killed.

After Oleg prophesied something terrible would happen to Dir if he didn't let him go, Dir goaded him into telling him the name of his wife he had secretly married. Oleg revealed that Dir had married a woman named Anna and in humiliation he was forced to let him go.

After Dir was arrested by Oleg, Novgorod passed under the latter's direct rule.


The city is part of the Kingdom of Rus, though it has its own rulers. Unlike the ruler of Kiev, the rulers of Novgorod are not called "King." The city is one of the principal towns of the Rus, but smaller than Kiev, as are its fortifications.

Novgorod is afforded a natural defense due to the surrounding pine tree forest. It seems to lack any dome-style architecture, while a Viking-style Great Hall occupies the prominent position.