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I know that I hung from the windy tree for nine long nights, stabbed with a spear, as an offering to the god Odin, myself to mine own self given, upon that tree the wisest know not from whence spring that ancient root

– Odin, Hávamál

Odin (Old Norse: Óðinn; meaning "frenzied one;" pronounced OH-din) is the god of wisdom, war, and magic. He is the chief Viking god and is known as the Allfather. He rules as the King of the Æsir in Asgard.

In Vikings

Season 1

Odin makes various appearances in the series. He frequently appears as an old, ghastly wanderer. He is seen by Ragnar in Season 1 Episode 1, Rites of Passage, as he and the Valkyries select which of the dead warriors from the Norsemen-Balts Battle will be taken to Valhalla. In the blink of an eye, he is gone as if he was never there, only for Ragnar to once again see him later on.

Earl Haraldson prays to Odin the night before his duel against Ragnar. Unfortunately for him, it appears Odin's favor is with Ragnar. During the gathering in Uppsala, Odin is one of the gods the Vikings make their sacrifices to.

Season 2

Ragnar has Bjorn perform a human sacrifice, using a captured enemy, to Odin as a token of gratitude for victory in the Battle for Kattegat.

Season 3

The strange wanderer Harbard, is believed by Floki to be Odin in disguise. The name Harbard means "graybeard," which is one of the many nicknames for Odin. He was also known for dressing as a wanderer and traveling Scandinavia.

During the Siege of Paris, Ragnar has fever dreams caused by his injuries that involve Odin and Jesus.

Season 4

Odin replaces Hel in the opening credits. In Episode 15, All His Angels, Odin is seen traveling by boat towards Kattegat, surrounded by dozens of ravens, one of his symbols. He is bringing the news of Ragnar's death to his sons. In the next episode, Crossings, he appears before each of Ragnar's sons to tell them of Ragnar's death and to repeat his last words.

Ragnar as Odin

Many see Ragnar as the embodiment of Odin. Ragnar even claims to be a descendant of Odin's. There are moments throughout the series where Ragnar recreates myths and stories about Odin. For example, he recreates the myth of Odin hanging himself from Yggdrasil for eternal wisdom.


The god of war, death, fury, ecstasy, wisdom, sorcery, kings, warriors, poets, berserkers, and outsiders, Odin governs over victory, death, knowledge and ecstatic inspiration.

One of the sagas about Odin tells the story of how he gave one of his eyes to attain wisdom. After drinking from the well of the wise giant, Mimir. His two ravens, Hugin and Munin, fly from Asgard every morning and return every evening with news of Midgard, giants, and other events. His two ferocious wolves Geri and Freki accompany him sometimes and he has an eight-legged horse called Sleipnir that can travel very quickly over the nine worlds.

One of his frequent habits was to roam around Midgard in human guise, seducing and impregnating women, which was convenient for bastards, as they would often claim Odin as their father.

He is the son of Borr and Bestla, and the father to the gods Thor, Baldr, Vidar, Heimdallr, Höðr, Bragi, Váli, Hermóðr, and Týr. His wife is Frigg, but he has a friðla (an official concubine) in Skadi, Fjorgyn, and Rind.


Odin has over two hundred names. In ancient times, he was known as Wodanaz. In Germany, he was known as Wotan, in Saxony as Wodden and Frisiia, and in England as Wōden. Other titles include the Allfather, Valfather (meaning "father of the slain"), One-Eye, and Dragugadrottir (meaning "Lord of the Undead").




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