The Priest of Uppsala is the high pagan priest of the temple at Uppsala.


The Priest of Uppsala visiting Kattegat for the Yol celebrations.


In Sacrifice, Athelstan is led by The Seer to the high Priest of Uppsala, who questions him about his christian past and his current beliefs. The priest asks the "priest" to deny the christian god, to which Athelstan complies to. The high priest then demands Athelstan to denounce god two more times, so Athelstan denounces Jesus three times. However, the sceptical priest asks the former monk if he knows that he has been brought to Uppsala to be sacrifices. Athelstan holds onto a crucifix which he keeps hidden in his sleeve. The high priest quickly catches on to this gesture and forces Athelstan to reveal it. Since Athelstan is still holding onto Christ, he is not a suitable sacrifice.

Years after the events of Sacrifice, the character reappears in Yol during the celebrations in Kattegat. He is in amuch jollier mood than at the 9-year pilgrimage and leads the yule-log into the great hall of king Ragnar, praising the king and his family. He later takes part in the grand procession.

He is present at the sacrifice in Revenge, assisting Lagertha and easing earl Jorgensen into the afterlife.