Scarred is the fourth episode of the third season of Vikings. It is the twenty-third episode of the series overall. It first aired on March 12, 2015. It was written by creator Michael Hirst and directed by Jeff Woolnough.


The victorious Wessex/Viking forces return to Wessex but there is rancour in the Viking camp – Floki is angry over the alliance with Ecbert and is resentful of the influence that he feels Athelstan has over Ragnar. Princess Kwenthrith makes some calculating political moves following the battle at the Hill of the Ash in Mercia. Visitors from the past arrive in Hedeby, at Kalf’s invitation.


Aethelwulf attempts to befriend Rollo and Floki, although Floki is still not happy about fighting for Christians.

Kalf and Einar discuss plans of what will happen when Lagertha returns, and Kalf states he has invited an important person to their village to deal with that – King Horik's son Erlendur, who is now married to Jarl Borg's widow Torvi, and Jarl Borg's infant son.

Aslaug's two sons run out of their home and Siggy runs after to find them walking across a frozen pond where both boys fall through the thin ice. Siggy dives in after them, and Harbard helps pull them out as Siggy drowns.

Princess Kwenthrith, when giving a toast, poisons her brother Burgred.



Guest Starring

Additional Cast (in order of appearance)


  • Unknown Baby Actor as Ivar
  • Unknown Baby Actress as Angrboda
  • Unknown Baby Actor as Sigurd
  • Jordan Coombes as Shield-maiden
  • Robert MacDomhnail as Viking Warrior
  • Mark Quigley as Saxon Guard
  • Yuri Ribeiro as Viking Warrior

Episode Deaths


  • Lothaire Bluteau is not credited and does not appear in this episode.
  • This episode marks the final appearance Siggy. However, some footage of her from this episode also appears in "Born Again" in which Jessalyn Gilsig is credited in the opening sequence.
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