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Season 6 of Vikings was ordered by History on September 12, 2017. The sixth and final season of the historical drama television series Vikings premiered on December 4, 2019. The sixth season consists of a double order of twenty episodes, split into two parts of ten episodes; the second half was released in its entirety on December 30, 2020 on Prime Video in Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Austria, ahead of its broadcast on History in Canada from January 1, 2021. The season of Part I focuses on King Bjorn's reign over Kattegat, Ivar's adventures in Rus', and Ubbe's expedition to Iceland.


Part 1

Bjorn Ironside has ambitions for the Kingdom of Kattegat, he dreams of peace and prosperity, but the fates have a different plan for the new King. A threat is looming, an enemy is resurgent–so much more ruthless than the rest. Lagertha too has dreams, to bury her sword and return to the simple life. But as enemy forces gather, Bjorn and Lagertha will rise to the challenge, because they are Viking heroes and can never surrender.

"New Beginnings"

Ivar and his bodyguard Vigrid travel the Silk Road. As they enter Kievan Rus', they are captured by men loyal to prince Oleg the Prophet. After torturing and dismembering Vigrid, Oleg finds out Ivar's full story and takes an interest in the exiled king. The pair form an uneasy friendship after Oleg reveals how he murdered his unfaithful wife. Oleg discloses to Ivar that he plans to reclaim the Rus' people's ancestral lands in Scandinavia and invites Ivar to join him. In Kattegat, Bjorn outlaws White Hair and Ivar's remaining retainers. Lagertha announces her plan to retire and rebuild her old farm, and live out the rest of her life in obscurity. Messengers arrive and inform Bjorn that king Olaf has occupied king Harald's kingdom and holds him captive. Having saved Bjorn's life twice, he is asking for his aid in reclaiming his freedom and lands.

"The Prophet"

Against Lagertha's advice, Bjorn decides to go to Harald's aid. Kjetill returns to Kattegat in search of new settlers to help build Iceland. Ubbe is interested in following him as Kjetill claims that one of the settlers is who has sighted a new land west of Iceland. Kjetill says Floki has vanished, raising the suspicion of Bjorn. Bjorn browbeats Kjetill into joining his war party. In Kievan Rus' Oleg and Ivar travel to Novgorod to meet Oleg's brother Askold and retrieve Oleg's nephew Igor, the heir to the kingdom. Oleg has Askold poisoned, while Ivar forms a connection with Igor. Oleg's other brother Dir soon arrives to arrest Oleg, but when Oleg shows apparent prophetic power by producing Dir's secret wife Anna, Dir is forced to let them go.

"Ghosts, Gods, and Running Dogs"

After returning to Kiev with Igor and Ivar, Oleg has Dir attacked and imprisoned. While Ivar teaches Igor Old Norse, they discover Dir mutilated and bound like a dog. The sight amuses Igor, but troubles Ivar. In Kattegat, Bjorn is seduced by Gunnhild's servant Ingrid. As he leaves to rescue Harald he places Ubbe in command while leaving his children Hali and Asa with Lagertha. Ubbe announces plans to send Hvitserk on a trade expedition along the Silk Road. Hvitserk is tormented by visions of his murdered lover Thora and Aslaug's murder. Lagertha's neighbors are attacked and raped by White Hair and the other bandits, so they seek Lagertha's help. In Vestfold, Harald has befriended Olaf's steward Canute and attempts to convince him to release him. Canute says that Bjorn has arrived to liberate him. Bjorn and his warriors attempt to swim into the harbor, but Olaf has put oil in the water to set the bay ablaze. Bjorn is forced to retreat.

"All The Prisoners"

Bjorn's army is surrounded by Olaf's. Kjetill confesses to Bjorn that he murdered Eyvind and his family but had nothing to do with Floki's disappearance, but Bjorn is unconvinced. In Kiev, Ivar secretly undermines Oleg: he reminds Igor that everything in Rus' is his, and promises Dir that he will help him escape in return for his support against Oleg. Oleg informs Ivar that he is gathering an army to invade Scandinavia, and Ivar accuses him of using him as a puppet king. White Hair's band attacks Lagertha's village; the farmers fight off the bandits, but many are killed, including Hali. In Kattegat, Gunnhild has a vision of the attack and leaves the city to return to Lagertha. Ubbe names Hvitserk as leader of a trading party to the Silk Road, but Hvitserk misses the boat, causing Ubbe to disown him. Olaf summons Bjorn and Harald and informs them he wants to gather the kings and earls of Norway to vote for a single king to rule; Olaf intends this to be Bjorn.

"The Key"

Jarl Thorkell arrives in Vestfold and is welcomed by Olaf. Gunnhild finds Lagertha and learns of Hali's death; she decides to stay and defend the village with her shield-maidens. Hvitserk has another vision of Thora; he swears on his arm ring that he will avenge her death by killing Ivar. Thorkell proposes that any of the leaders be allowed to contest the election; everyone agrees. Bjorn is introduced to Jarl Hrolf and King Hakon. Ivar and Igor free Dir; they are then introduced to Oleg's intended, Princess Katia. Ivar is shocked at her resemblance to Freydis. Hvitserk gives up his arm ring to pay for hallucinogenic mushrooms and beer; while high, he has a cryptic vision of the seer. King Olaf presents Thorkell, Hakon, Bjorn, and Harald as the four election candidates; he then publicly votes for Bjorn. Torvi tells Ingrid that there is no point in waiting for Bjorn's return. Harald votes for Bjorn. An envoy from the trading party to the Silk Road returns and informs Ubbe that Ivar is in Kiev. Ubbe asks Amma to tell Hvitserk, who has a monstrous vision of Ivar.

"Death and the Serpent"

White Hair and his bandits attack the village again. The villagers win after a hard battle, which culminates with Lagertha killing White Hair in single combat. Seriously wounded, Lagertha rides back to Kattegat to meet Bjorn. In Kiev, Oleg and Katia are married; later, they torment Ivar by having sex in front of him. In Vestfold, Harald wins the election and is crowned King of All Norway; Harald and Kjetill campaigned for Harald's victory with promises to the various kings and earls, Kjetill being promised kingship of Iceland. Kjetill realizes Harald, distrustful, will have Bjorn killed, so he tells Bjorn. Bjorn and Kjetill are cornered by Harald's men, but are saved by the outlaw Erik, who takes them to his ship. Lagertha arrives in Kattegat; while dragging herself toward the great hall, she has a vision of the Seer. Hvitserk, in a state of delirium, hallucinates Ivar as a serpent and attacks it. As he comes to his senses, he realizes he has actually stabbed Lagertha to death.

"The Ice Maiden"

In Kattegat, Lagertha's body is found and Hvitserk is missing. Worried about her children, Torvi travels to Lagertha's farmstead and Asa tells her of Hali's death. In Vestfold, King Hakon pledges allegiance to Harald; when Olaf refuses to do the same, Harald has him imprisoned. Amma locates Hvitserk in the forest and brings him back to Kattegat; Ubbe asks him if he knew of Lagertha's death, but Hvitserk refuses to answer. In Kiev, Ivar is told by a messenger that Dir is in hiding and will help Ivar overthrow Oleg when the time comes. Torvi and Gunnhild arrange Lagertha's funeral; a girl named Gyda is sacrificed to follow her to Valhalla. At the pyre, Ubbe, Gunnhild and Torvi say goodbye; Bjorn returns, says goodbye to his mother and swears to seek vengeance for her murder.

"Valhalla Can Wait"

Bjorn puts Hvitserk on trial for the murder of Lagertha; Hvitserk confesses and Bjorn sentences him to be burned alive. Ubbe attempts to convince Hvitserk to ask for mercy, but Hvitserk believes he was guided by the gods to avenge Aslaug. When Hvitserk is about to be burned, Ubbe saves his life; then, Bjorn bannishes Hvitserk. Later, Gunnhild discovers Bjorn having sex with Ingrid; she suggests that Bjorn take Ingrid as a second wife. Ubbe, Torvi, and Asa travel to Iceland with Kjetill. In Kiev, Oleg sends raiding parties to Scandinavia in preparation for a larger invasion. Igor openly challenges Oleg, who threatens to have him killed if he should try again. Igor runs away crying and is comforted by Ivar. One of the Rus's raiding parties sacks Istrehågan and the survivors report to Harald. Olaf warns Harald that an invasion is coming.


In Iceland, Ubbe is introduced to Othere, a wanderer who glimpsed the coasts of a golden land to the west. Torvi has her baby and she and Ubbe call him Ragnar. Othere is revealed to be a former Christian monk named Athelstan, who has adopted the identity of a dying wanderer. Ubbe wants to sacrifice Othere to the gods, but he is reminded by Torvi that he himself was once baptised. Othere gives Ubbe Floki's wedding ring, saying that he met him before he disappeared; Ubbe is sceptical. In Kattegat, Bjorn takes Ingrid as his second wife, with Gunnhild's blessing. He asks Erik to patrol his borders; Erik's party is attacked by Ganbaatar and his Rus' soldiers. Bjorn sends Erik to Vestfold to ask Harald to join forces against the Rus’, but Harald instead arrests Erik for being an outlaw. After Olaf's plea, Harald listens to Erik and agrees to join with Bjorn. Hvitserk is found by the Rus' and Ivar takes him to Kiev; Hvitserk tells Ivar he killed Lagertha, and is received by Oleg and Katia. An informer tells Ivar that Dir expects him to help overthrow Oleg after the invasion. Oleg parades his army outside the city walls, declaring this to be the end of paganism.

"The Best Laid Plans"

In Vestfold, Bjorn and Harald prepare for the incoming Rus' attack by fortifying the capital's fjord, the river to the north and the beach in between; during the preparations, Gunnhild loses her unborn child. Frustrated with Bjorn having taken a second wife, Harald rapes Ingrid. Of the many kings and earls of Norway, only Thorkell and his men have joined Harald's army. In Kiev, Katia offers herself to Ivar, but he refuses; she later tells him that she is not satisfied with her marriage to Oleg. Ivar helps Oleg plan the invasion and suggests the Rus' attack both the beach and the river, despite the mountain between the river and the capital. The majority of the Rus' fleet attacks the beach and Harald, Bjorn and Erik lead the defence. Ivar, Hvitserk, Oleg and their men manage to breach the block at the river mouth, defended by Gunnhild. The Rus' climb the mountain and surround the Viking army at the beach. Thorkell is killed and Harald is seriously wounded; when Erik tries to help him, Harald orders him to retreat. Bjorn continues to fight as his army is overwhelmed; suddenly, Ivar appears and stabs Bjorn with a sword. The Rus' celebrate the victory.

Part 2

As we approach the end of our epic saga, the tumultuous conflict between the Rus and Vikings comes to a conclusion with grave consequences. While in Iceland, Ubbe is determined to fulfill his father Ragnar’s dream and sail further west than any Viking has traveled before. And there is unfinished business in England.

The Vikings have established settlements there, and over-run most of the country – except for Wessex. The King of Wessex, Alfred the Great, is the only Saxon ruler to seriously challenge their complete domination. Ivar the Boneless must again face, in battle, the King he only knew as a boy for a final reckoning.

"King of Kings"

After the defeat of Harald's and Bjorn's forces, the Rus have occupied Tamdrup and prepares to attack Kattegat. Harald is revealed to still be alive and captured by the Rus as well as king Olaf. Oleg arranges for the execution of the kings but Harald escapes. At Oleg's behest, Igor burns king Olaf alive. In Kattegat several king Hakon and jarl Hrolf has arrived with their armies. Bjorn is revealed to still be alive, but slowly dying from his wound. Gunnhild convinces Bjorn to ride out as a figure head to inspire the army. As the Rus army advances, Bjorn appears a top a hill. This confuses and scares Ivar and the Rus as they believed Bjorn died at Ivar's hand. Oleg's captain Ganbaatar shoots Bjorn with arrows, but Bjorn manages to order an attack before passing, giving the impression of being immortal. The Norwegian coalition attacks the panicking Rus. Ganbaatar stays and kills Amma with his bow but is decapitated by Gunnhild.

"All Change"

Oleg's army returns in defeat to Kiev. Oleg has Igor and Ivar separated and destroys Igor's chamber, claiming to want to make a man out of him. In Kattegat, Gunnhild mourns the death of Bjorn. Erik approaches her, suggesting she summon an Althing to elect her as queen of Kattegat. Secretly, he makes a similar offer to Ingrid. Oleg forces the officers of his army to dig their own grave and then has them killed, forcing Igor to personally kill one of them. Soon afterwards Ivar and Igor are approached by Dir who informs them that many of Oleg's soldiers have switched side to him, making him soon able to challenge Oleg. Dir asks Ivar to spirit away Igor when given a signal. Meanwhile Oleg attempts to recruit Hvitserk as his bodyguard. In Iceland, Kjetill expresses regret of the murder of Eyvind's family to his wife Ingvild and feels joining Ubbe's expedition will give him redemption. After discussing Freydis with Katia, Ivar is seduced by her. Afterwards Katia asks if Ivar knows of Dir's whereabouts, causing Ivar to disclose the plan.

"The Signal"

In Kattegat, Ingrid and Gunnhild are running to be the Queen of Kattegat but King Harald returns, invoking his right to the kingship as Norway's elected king. After seeing Ingrid performing a ritual in Bjorn's mound, Erik thinks that she is a witch. On the Atlantic Ocean Ubbe's expedition is hit by a storm. Torvi's daughter Asa is washed overboard after seeing Jörmungandr and is lost. In Kiev, Ivar is prevented from seeing from Igor by Oleg's guards, including Hvitserk. Hvitserk claims Oleg treats him well and is the future ruler of the world. The brothers end up in a fight with Ivar on the receiving end of Hvitserk’s beating. Oleg watches on and laughs with Katia. Oleg later meets with Ivar and offers to have Hvitserk killed. Ivar says he’s the only one who should kill his brother. Katia and Ivar meet secretly: she gives him a blade and tells him that Prince Dir is ready. Ivar then approaches his brother Hvitserk and tells him Oleg offered to kill him; he wants him to join Prince Dir’s plan. As Oleg is busy with the Good Friday ceremonies, Katia sneaks Igor out of the palace. Ivar, Katia, Hvitserk, and Igor attempt to leave the gates in a horse and carriage. Suddenly, Prince Oleg realizes that Igor is not present at the ceremony.

"Lost Souls"

Ivar's and Igor's cart passes through a passion play where Oleg is playing the role of Jesus. Bishop Leon stops the cart, but then allows the cart to pass after seemingly recognizing Igor. Ivar successfully delivers Igor to Novgorod and Dir who has gathered substantial support against Oleg. In Kattegat, Harald is crowned as king by Erik who in turn made the head of his bodyguard. Harald proposes to both Gunnhild and Ingrid, convinced that the child the later is carrying is his and not Bjorn's. Gunnhild is conflicted and confides in Bjorn's mound that the golden age of the vikings might be over. Ubbe's expedition eventually finds land, but it's far from the "golden land" Othere described. As a joke, Kjetill names the new land "Greenland". The land is divided up between the settlers but tension rises as there is no food. In the morning, Frodi discovers that a whale has been beached on his and Kjetill's land.

"All At Sea"

Dir's forces march on Kiev, with the garrison surrendering peacefully to him. Oleg, who is losing his grip on reality, appears on a balcony and pleads for forgiveness by Igor. Encouraged by Ivar, Igor shots him to death with an arrow. During the celebrations Katia tells Ivar that she is carrying his child, but Ivar states he has other ambitions. As Ivar prepares to leave Kiev he is confronted by Igor who does not want him to leave. After telling Igor that he has to stand on his own legs to be king, Ivar and Hvitserk leaves. Despite Ivar's refutal, Hvitserk maintains that Ivar has changed. In Kattegat, Ingrid reveals to Erik that she was sold in to slavery by him. Harald marries Ingrid, but Gunnhild drowns herself to join Bjorn in Valhalla. In Greenland tensions reaches a fever pitch as Kjetill refuses to share that whale with the rest of the settlers. A fight breaks out over the whale Ubbe is forced to kill Frodi in self defense when he tries to break it up. Othere drags Ubbe out of the fight and they flee to their ship with Torvi and the more levelheaded settlers. An insane Kjetill is left standing atop the whale declaring himself king of Greenland.

"The Final Straw"

Ubbe's expedition is lost at sea with their meager supply of food and water quickly dwindling; a boy drinks seas water and later dies. Torvi is unable to produce milk to feed Ragnar. Ivar and Hvitserk return to Kattegat, but are seen as traitors by the public. At a feast, Harald makes a charismatic speech to the people convincing them to forgive Ivar and Hvitserk for fighting with the Rus. Hvitserk mourns at Bjorn's mound were he is visited by Iðunn who spends the night with him. Ivar confides in Hvitserk in feeling lost. Remembering a game of chess with King Alfred, Ivar decides to raid Wessex. Harald, disillusioned with ruling decides to join Ivar.

"The Raft of the Medusa"

Harald assembles a fleet. Harald appoints Erik the acting king in his place, with Erik having the last say over Ingrid. As the fleet leaves, Erik makes it clear that he want to take Harald's place as king for life and claim Ingrid as his. Ingrid starts an affair with Erik, but is secretly cursing him. Erik is eventually blinded. In England, Ivar suggests the Norwegian fleet take position at Edington. The Norwegians then start to ravage the country side to lure Alfred to them. A raiding party lead by Ivar is attacked by English forces, but they are saved by Hvitserk. The raids eventually forces Alfred to evacuate the capital while gathering his forces. On the Atlantic, the dwindling expedition finally spots hospitable land.

"It's Only Magic"

The new land found by Ubbe's expedition is found to be rich in berries and wild life, saving them from starvation. As they build and explore, Othere discovers signs of previous Norse settlement. Ubbe leaves gifts close to some carvings and later finds the gifts taken and replaced by new gifts. In England Ivar plans to ambush the English in a nearby forest. Ivar states his wish to Hvitserk to be the most famous viking who ever lived and his child by Katia will make sure his bloodline lives on. Hvitserk is alarmed by Ivar's eye white being unusually blue which they take as a sign of Ivar being at risk of breaking a bone. Meanwhile, Alfred has gathered his army. In Kattegat, Erik has become dependent on Ingrid's authority as the wife of Harald in order to rule. Ingrid orders the assassination of a danish king that has converted to christianity. Erik blames Ingrid for his blindness and order the slave Orlyg to murder Ingrid in exchange for freedom. Ubbe and the settlers continue to explore the new land and comes across another settlement. They are quickly surrounded by [native warriors.

"The Lord Giveth"

In the new land, the native warriors make peace gestures. The tribe, introducing themself as the Miꞌkmaq, invite the settlers to eat with them. Orlyg confides to his fellow slave Nissa about Erik's request for him to kill Ingrid. Ubbe recognizes that the sagamaw of the tribe, Pekitaulet, knows some Old Norse and is told of another Nordic explorer who appeared in their land before Ubbe's arrival. The settler Naad has discovered gold among the gift's the natives left for the settlers and tries to inquire about its origin. Erik is seduced by Nissa in a hut and killed by her while Harald's men kill Orlyg when he attempts to assassinate Ingrid. In England Alfred's forces march through the woods and are decimated by traps set by the vikings. The Norwegians ambush them and the English are forced to retreat. In the chaos, Alfred sees a vision of Jesus and is convinced the English will eventually triumph. Harald is separated from his forces in the mist and fatally stabbed by the bishop Aldulf. An apparition of Harald's brother Halfdan appears, claiming to have been sent to retrive Harald to Valhalla. Before passing, Harald stabs Aldulf to death too. The natives lead Ubbe to the man they learned Norse from: Floki.

"The Last Act"

Floki tells Ubbe and Torvi of how he traveled to the new land from Iceland after being disillusioned with the Icelandic settlement. Floki is implied to have become senile. In England Ivar and Alfred negotiate but Alfred refuses to agree to Ivar's conditions. Ubbe and Othere discuss the new land, with Othere making a point that they should abandon their old lifestyles to prevent the new land from becoming like the old. Naad goes looking for gold in a native hut and kills Pekitaulet's son We'jitu when he tries to stop him. The natives capture Naad and Ubbe promises to punish him. After initially preparing to carve a blood eagle, Ubbe opts at the last minute to quickly slit Naad's throat instead. The Norwegian army, now under Ivar's control, attack the English in a ferocious battle. Ivar's condition is increasingly worsened. When Hvitserk is wounded, Ivar orders him to stand down, proclaiming his whole life has led to this moment. Ivar continues to fight until he suddenly allows an English soldier to stab him to death. The fighting stops and the Norwegians go home as Hvitserk mourns and buries Ivar. Hvitserk accepts an offer from Alfred to come with him to the royal villa. Hvitserk is baptized with Alfred as his godfather and assumes the christian name Athelstan. In Kattegat, Ingrid assumes full power over Norway as queen. The series ends with Ubbe and Floki discussing on a beach; Floki advising Ubbe to let go of the past.


Episode Image Title Airdate
Volume 1
6.01 70 NewBeginnings.jpg "New Beginnings" December 4, 2019
Bjorn struggles with the responsibilities of kingship and he finds he can't rely on his mother, Lagertha; Ivar falls into the hands of the Kievan Rus, and in their ruthless and unpredictable ruler, Prince Oleg, he may finally have met his match.
6.02 71 TheProphet.jpg "The Prophet" December 4, 2019
Messengers arrive in Kattegat with news that presents Bjorn with a dilemma; Prince Oleg of Kiev seems untroubled by his conscience; Lagertha has settled into her new, peaceful life, but danger lurks nearby.
6.03 72 GhostsGodsRunningDogs.jpg "Ghosts, Gods, and Running Dogs" December 11, 2019
Several women join Lagertha for a happy feast until a series of startling events send shockwaves through the community and force Lagertha to act; Ivar is wary of Oleg's potential threat to both himself and the throne's vulnerable young heir.
6.04 73 AllthePrisoners.jpg "All The Prisoners" December 18, 2019
Lagertha leads her village’s response to the recent attacks but despite her best efforts, when the inevitable attack comes, the consequences are tragic. Olaf has a bold new plan for the future of Norway. In Kiev, although Ivar discusses Oleg’s ambitions for Scandinavia, he’s actually more interested in the plight of Igor, the young heir who Oleg controls.
6.05 74 TheKey.jpg "The Key" January 1, 2020
King Olaf feels confident about the result of the election of the King of all Norway as the kings and jarls visit Harald's territory; Lagertha's village is abuzz due to bandit attacks; Ivar is forced to confront an unfortunate element of his past.
6.06 75 DeathandSerpent.jpg "Death and the Serpent" January 8, 2020
Bjorn is forced to act quickly in the aftermath of the election for the King of all Norway; the bandits attack Lagertha's village again; Hvitserk continues to unravel.
6.07 76 TheIceMaiden.jpg "The Ice Maiden" January 15, 2020
Bjorn returns to Kattegat; Harald gains a measure of revenge on Olaf; in Kiev, interesting news reaches Ivar and Igor about Prince Dir.
6.08 77 ValhallaCanWait.jpg "Valhalla Can Wait" January 22, 2020
Bjorn faces a hard decision. Torvi and Ubbe leave Kattegat in search of new lands.
6.09 78 Resurrection.jpg "Resurrection" January 29, 2020
In Iceland, Ubbe and Torvi finally meet a mysterious wanderer. Bjorn is forced to re-think who his enemies are when Erik returns from a scouting mission with worrying information. Bjorn will need allies, but he may not be able to convince his old foe, King Harald, to join forces in the face of the new threat. Ivar is reunited with someone close to him.
6.10 79 TheBestLaidPlans.jpg "The Best Laid Plans" February 5, 2020
Ivar and Igor plot against Oleg but are still part of the force that departs Kiev to invade Scandinavia; King Harald and King Bjorn begin furious preparations for the invasion; it is uncertain if enough has been done to resist the Rus force.
Volume 2
6.11 80 VikingsEpisode11.jpg "King of Kings" December 30, 2020
Ubbe discovers the truth about Kjetill in Iceland and must make a difficult decision; the battle against the Rus leads to grave consequences.
6.12 81 Vikings-Season-6Episode12.webp "All Change" December 30, 2020
Oleg isolates Ivar when the Rus army returns to Kiev; Dir confirms that he's mustering a force to overthrow Oleg.
6.13 82 Vikings-season-6-episode-13-the-signal-1.webp "The Signal" December 30, 2020
It's Election Day in Kattegat and all eyes are on the voting. But strangers arriving at the harbormay force a very unexpected outcome. Meanwhile, Ivar receives the signal from Prince Dir that his forces are ready to challenge Oleg.
6.14 83 "Lost Souls" December 30, 2020
Prince Igor receives a heros welcome in Novgorod but back in Kiev the mood is darker: Prince Oleg will not be giving up the fight. Ubbes settlers are overjoyed to find land, but its not the Golden Land they expected.
6.15 84 "All At Sea" December 30, 2020
Ubbe, Torvi, and Othere barely escape with their lives when a fight breaks out in Greenland; however, they are faced with a new dilemma.
6.16 85 "The Final Straw" December 30, 2020
Ubbe and his settlers are at the mercy of the harsh elements out at sea; Ivar and Hvitserk return to Kattegat.
6.17 86 "The Raft of the Medusa" December 30, 2020
Ragnar's sons steadily approach Wessex with their army; Alfred abandons his castle and sets out to meet them.
6.18 87 "It's Only Magic" December 30, 2020
Ubbe arrives in a new territory, but soon realizes that it's already occupied; King Alfred succeeds in assembling his troops.
6.19 88 "The Lord Giveth" December 30, 2020
Ubbe and his people must show diplomacy; the Vikings ambush the Saxons; Ingrid makes a play that strengthens her power.
6.20 89 "The Last Act" December 30, 2020
Tragedy strikes, not only in new territory, but also in England; Ragnar's sons set off in their journeys.




  • Lucy Martin as Ingrid, a slave serving Gunnhild and Bjorn in Kattegat and, later, Bjorn's second wife
  • Kieran O'Reilly as White Hair, Ivar's former bodyguard and an outlaw
  • Kristy Dawn Dinsmore as Amma, a shield-maiden in Kattegat who is fond of Hvitserk
  • Andrei Claude as Ganbaatar, Oleg's captain
  • Elodie Curry as Asa, Bjorn and Torvi's daughter
  • Ryan Henson as Hali, Bjorn and Torvi's son
  • Adam Copeland as Kjetill Flatnose, the chief of the Iceland settlement
  • Lenn Kudrjawizki as Prince Dir of Novgorod, Oleg's brother
  • Oran Glynn O'Donovan as Prince Igor of Kiev, the preadolescent heir of Kiev and Oleg's ward
  • Serena Kennedy as Anna, Dir's wife
  • Steven Berkoff as King Olaf the Stout
  • Conn Rogers as Canute, a member of King Olaf's court
  • Eve Connolly as Thora, Hvitserk's murdered love interest, appearing in his delusions
  • Gina Costigan as Runa, a former shield-maiden at Lagertha's village
  • David Sterne as Gudmund, an old man at Lagertha's village
  • Kathy Monahan as Eira, a former shield-maiden at Lagertha's village
  • Oisin Murray as Tarben, a young boy at Lagertha's village
  • Aoibheann McCann as Skadi, a shield-maiden under Gunnhild's command
  • Alicia Agneson as Katia, Oleg's wife
  • Fredrik Hiller as Jarl Thorkell, one of the jarls of Norway and a rival to Bjorn
  • Amy De Braún as Jarl Hrolf, one the jarls of Norway
  • Mishaël Lopes Cardozo as King Hakon, one of the kings of Norway and a rival to Bjorn
  • Kelly Campbell as Ingvild, Kjetill's wife
  • Scott Graham as Frodi, Kjetill's son



  • Martin Maloney as Vigrid, Ivar's travel companion
  • Blake Kubena as Prince Askold of Novgorod, Oleg's brother
  • Sandy Kennedy as Sylvi, a former shield-maiden at Lagertha's village
  • Neil Keery as Alexei, a guard in Kiev
  • Jinny Lofthouse as Hild, a shield-maiden under Gunnhild's command
  • Emma Willis as Gyda, a shield maiden that volunteers as a sacrifice
  • Karen Connell as the Angel of Death, a völva
  • Adam Winnick as Rangvald, Harald's captain
  • Emma Eliza Regan as Aoife, a villager from Istrehågan
  • Ronan Summers as Herigar, one of Erik's warriors




An Irish-Canadian co-production presented by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the sixth and final season of Vikings was developed and produced by TM Productions and Take 5 Productions. Morgan O'Sullivan, Sheila Hockin, Sherry Marsh, Alan Gasmer, James Flynn, John Weber, and Michael Hirst are credited as executive producers. This season was produced by Keith Thompson for the first ten episodes. Bill Goddard and Séamus McInerney act as co-producers.

The production team for this season includes casting directors Frank and Nuala Moiselle, costume designer Susan O'Connor Cave, visual effects supervisor Dominic Remane, stunt action designer Richard Ryan, composer Trevor Morris, production designer Mark Geraghty, editors Aaron Marshall for the first, fourth, eighth and tenth episodes, Tad Seaborn for the second, fifth, seventh and ninth episodes, and Dan Briceno for the third and sixth episodes and cinematographers Peter Robertson for the first to third and seventh to tenth episodes, and Owen McPolin for the fourth to sixth episodes.

The eighth episode of the season, "Valhalla Can Wait", was directed by actress Katheryn Winnick, who portrays Lagertha in the series.


In September 2017 it was announced that Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky would join the cast for the sixth season as Oleg of Novgorod, the 10th century Varangian ruler of the Kievan Rus.[1]


According to the series' creator and writer Michael Hirst, the idea to explore Oleg came to him due to the influence Vikings played in Russian history: "I didn't know that Russia is called Russia because it was founded by the Rus Vikings. I learned so much myself and I always do learn when we go different places and explore new cultures and forgotten languages. [...] I was reading books about the Silk Road and about the Rus Vikings and then I read about Prince Oleg, the prophet. He was this extraordinary ruler of Russia and it all kind of fit into place. It seemed the most obvious. It’s also one of the most exciting things to do because we'd been traveling west so much and it seemed logical to go east again. It was an idea that slowly fermented in my mind."[2]




  • Steve Saint Leger (7 episodes)
  • Daniel Grou (3 episodes)
  • David Frazee (3 episodes)
  • Helen Shaver (2 episodes)
  • Katheryn Winnick (1 episode)



Part 1

Part 2


  • Katheryn Winnick, John Kavanagh, Jordan Patrick Smith, Georgia Hirst, Ragga Ragnars, Eric Johnson, Peter Franzén, and Ray Stevenson are only credited for their respective episode appearances. In addition, Hirst and Ragnars also recurred in the first eight episodes.
  • Season 6 marks the only season to feature new series regulars Georgia Hirst, Ragga Ragnars, Eric Johnson, Danila Kozlovsky and Ray Stevenson.
  • The first part of Season 6 was released through Warner Home Entertainment, whose sister company Turner Entertainment once owned MGM's pre-May 1986 library, instead of 20th Century Fox at the time MGM's distribution deal expired a year after Fox was acquired by The Walt Disney Company.
  • Season 6 marks the first season to have both parts air on two different properties.

Historical inaccuracies

The depiction of Kievan Rus during Prince Oleg's rule (879-912) has been noted as substantially inaccurate by fans and the media.[3][4] Most notably, in the series Christianity is introduced in Kievan Rus Christianization of Kievan Rus'way too early, as are History of hot air balloons and Mongol clothing and armors.


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