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Sigyn (meaning "victorious girl-friend") is the goddess of loyalty, faithfulness, and compassion in Norse mythology. She is the devoted wife of Loki. Helga, the wife of Floki, is frequently seen as the embodiment of Sigyn.


Due to the fragmentary nature of the primary sources for Norse mythology, only one scrap of lore regarding Sigyn survives that gives any indication of her personality and mythological roles, the tale of Loki’s punishment for killing Baldr. In that tale, when the Gods captured Loki, they turned one of his sons, Vali, into a wolf. The wolf then ripped apart his brother Narfi. The boy’s entrails hardened into an iron chain, and the Gods used this grotesque fetter to bind Loki in a cave deep beneath the earth. The Gods also placed a snake above Loki that would drip venom onto his head.

Like a model of a traditional and dutiful wife, Sigyn sat by Loki’s side with a bowl to catch the drops of snake venom so that they wouldn’t touch her husband’s head. Every so often, however, she would have to leave the cave to pour out the bowl. In her absence, a few drops of poisonous venom would fall onto Loki’s forehead. This caused him to writhe in agony, which in turn caused earthquakes on the surface of Midgard, the world of humans.

Sigyn’s story is also one of victory; victory over wrenching circumstances, pain, loss, despair, and anguish. She chooses to endure, and by doing so, she triumphs. As Fuensanta Arismendi, an ardent Sigyn’s woman once said, "Sigyn’s strength is in her heart. Her heart is invincible."


  • Symbols: old-fashioned keys, bowl/cup, heart, star
  • Colors: pink, gray or dark brown
  • Runes: Nauthiz, Berkana